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Te Reo Māori digital technology terms.…

Victoria MacLennan. 22 September 2023, 3:12 pm

Te Reo Māori digital technology terms.These are terms shared via the weekly pānui in alphabetical order by english term and updated every week. There are often multiple Te Reo Māori words for each of the technology terms.

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AI wrap Friday September 22nd

Victoria MacLennan. 22 September 2023, 1:06 pm

Kia ora koutou, welcome to our AI wrap for Friday 22nd September. First up some of the more interesting news this week. 
Study into effects of AI on knowledge worker productivity and quality. Insights into Gen AI use by students and teachers. How to learn Generative AI. Stories from the UK and Australia and more.

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Griffin on Tech: Meta's messaging apps about to go dark  

Peter Griffin. 22 September 2023, 10:17 am

After years of promising to add end to end encryption to all of its messaging platforms, Meta now looks set to move to full encryption by the end of the year.

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TUANZ: Tackle tech skills shortage by attracting diverse talent

Peter Griffin. 21 September 2023, 1:38 pm

The Technology Users Association has called on the next Government to ramp up its efforts to address skills shortages which the tech sector has identified as its key barrier to growth.

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What is geospatial intelligence? A geographer explains the powerful melding of maps and data

Darren Ruddell. 19 September 2023, 8:12 am

We are facing a more complex collection of natural hazards. Geospatial intelligence is offering valuable insights to help governments and organisations protect communities.

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Griffin on Tech: Time to get serious about digital twins and infrastructure

Peter Griffin. 15 September 2023, 11:35 am

Whoever wins the election next month will oversee billions worth of new investment to address our country's infrastructure deficit.

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AI Wrap 15 September

Victoria MacLennan. 15 September 2023, 11:34 am

An AI Wrap written by me this time with no assistance from AI. AI News from Aotearoa. Report on Addressing the consumer harms of generative AI. Are we heading for an AI Winter? Other AI in the news.

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Forging links with the ‘Startup Nation’

Peter Griffin. 14 September 2023, 9:08 am

A non-profit focused on boosting collaboration between Israel and New Zealand on tech and innovation is urging political parties to put the relationship on their foreign policy agenda.

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A breakout year for generative AI - but how is it being used?

Peter Griffin. 12 September 2023, 9:07 am

2023 is not just the breakout year for generative AI technology but has also seen artificial intelligence rise "from a topic relegated to tech employees to a focus of company leaders".

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Griffin on Tech: Hipkins talks up a clean, green tech-driven economy, but is it too little too late?

Peter Griffin. 08 September 2023, 10:10 am

The political parties faced the business community in Auckland this week outlining their plans to breathe new life into a stagnant economy.

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How SaaS start-ups are doing in the midst of the economic downturn

Peter Griffin. 07 September 2023, 2:46 pm

New Zealand software as a service (SaaS) startups have experienced great export success, but how are inflation and soft economic conditions impacting the SaaS market in general?

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