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How not to build a national broadband network

Peter Griffin. 23 March 2023, 7:56 am

Australia's National Broadband Network is in trouble, shedding 500 staff to cut costs and with declining subscriber numbers as telcos tout 5G wireless broadband services.

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China’s experience with mobile payments highlights the pros and cons of a cashless society

Research on China’s experience with mobile payments suggests that people who pay with mobile devices are happier than those who do not.

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Griffin on Tech: Bailouts and bans - how tech and politics have become increasingly entangled

Peter Griffin. 17 March 2023, 10:47 am

From bailing out SVB to threatening to ban TikTok, the US Government's moves this week lead us into dangerous territory.

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How green is our industry really?…

Victoria MacLennan. 17 March 2023, 9:07 am

A discussion with passionate Massey students led to this blog post on how our lightweight industry actually casts a dark shadow over the environment.

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Futurists predict a point where humans and machines become one. But will we see it coming?

Many features of a technological singularity promise amazing enhancements to our lives, but it’s a worry these AIs are the products of private industry.

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Web3NZ - the new home for all things Web3 in Aotearoa

Peter Griffin. 14 March 2023, 9:01 am

A new online community set up by Callaghan Innovation aims to be the go-to place to share ideas and gain advice for those working in the Web3 space.

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Griffin on Tech: As tech companies tighten their belts, we should double down on digital skills

Peter Griffin. 10 March 2023, 10:39 am

The tech sector's fortunes ebb and flow, but the need for advanced digital skills is growing and can add billions in value to the economy.

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Want to support companies that support women? Look at your investments through a ‘gender lens’

Gender equity continues to be a significant problem in business globally. Here's a powerful way to tackle it...

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Supporting women to thrive in the workplace, international women's day 2023

Victoria MacLennan. 08 March 2023, 10:12 pm

This is not another International Women's Day blog I promise. This is a post on how I am going to support women to thrive, and how you can join me too. 

Flicking through radio stations on the driv…

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The internet in 2023: We are highly connected, but significant disparities remain

Peter Griffin. 07 March 2023, 8:52 am

As a nation we are more immersed in the online world than ever and overwhelmingly see the internet as a force for good. But...

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Growing the industry: Education programme Tahi Run Toru Tech

Victoria MacLennan. 03 March 2023, 7:49 pm

16,000+ tamariki (children) were involved across the motu 
1,900+ teachers learned more about the digital technology curriculum while supporting learners through the programme 
80% of the 2022 nat…

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