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No AirPower for Apple at this point

Paul Brislen, Editor. 17 September 2018, 7:19 am

A year after buying New Zealand wireless charging company PowerbyProxi, Apple is apparently no closer to launching a consumer product on the market, despite announcing it would in 2018.

AirPower would, from the outside, appear to rely heavily on PowerbyProxi's technology - at the very least its formidable armoury of patents in this area - but there was no sign of it at the recent launch in the US.

Apple itself has gone very quiet on the matter - quieter than usual - with one commentator suggesting the product may have been scrapped altogether.

That seems unlikely, given both the investment and level of interest in the concept of wireless charging, but for now Apple has nothing further to add on the debate.

PowerbyProxi was created by 2007 by entrepreneur Fady Mishriki as a commercialisation of his research while at the University of Auckland. Initially aimed at industrial use (wind turbines, for example), the move into consumer goods was inevitable and could present a step change for battery-powered devices of all kinds, from electric toothbrushes to watches and on to larger-format devices such as tablets and laptops.

Although other companies have been working on a wireless charging solution - and there were several competing standards for a while - PbP has cornered the market at least in terms of key patents relating to this sector. 

In 2013 the company made plans to list on the NZX, however that plan fell apart as bankers began shying away from tech stocks. Last year, Apple payed a rumoured $100 million for the company.


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