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Tech roles in demand in 2020

Sarah Putt, Contributor. 23 January 2020, 8:26 am

Technical skillsets remain in demand in 2020, but employers are looking for candidates that can demonstrate strong interpersonal and creative skills. That's according to recruitment firm Hays, which has this week released its latest Hays Jobs Report.

NZ Managing Director Adam Shapley cites IT as one of the sectors with plenty of "vacancy activity" (along with finance, marketing, HR, construction, office support and insurance), and the roles that top the list of skill shortfalls are DevOps Engineers, Analytics Managers and Revit Technicians.

"There are wider macro issues at play that will dictate the success of a jobseeker this year. The key trends are for skilled professionals who, regardless of their role or industry, possess strong interpersonal and creative skills. Employers also want people who can make data-based decisions, adapt well to change and are continuous learners," he says.

"In response to rapid technological change, soft, social and emotional skills also continue to grow in importance and are becoming prerequisites across all job functions."

The move towards data-based decision making is driving the need for more tech-based roles across all disciplines. For example, in the Marketing & Digital, Hays reports that the top five in-demand roles are Analytics Managers, Marketing Automation Specialists, Content Managers, Brand and Communications Specialists and Digital Marketing Specialists.

Meanwhile, 2020 marks the time when Generation Z is entering the workforce in great numbers. It's not an exact science, but Gen Z is defined as those born after 1995. They have arrived after 'Millennials' and before Generation Alpha (born between 2010 and 2025). Defining people by what generational cohort they belong too can be fraught, but what's interesting about this generation is that it is the first to grow up fully immersed in a digital world.

The MYOB Business Monitor Snapshot survey of over 500 respondents aged 18 to 24, provided some insights into the Gen Z mindset. Head of Employee Services Felicity Brown noted that the latest generation of workers is looking for different things from their careers, with culture and flexibility high on the list.

"Interestingly, less than half of our Gen Z respondents put a competitive salary on the list of important factors they look for in a career, closely followed by finding an employer that is committed to making a positive social impact," she says.

"Despite seeing the adoption of AI, automation and robotics as having the greatest impact on the workplace in the next decade (44%), most expect their current role to exist unchanged (44%) or be only slightly changed (44%) in the future. Just 9% thought their role would cease to exist within a decade, because it would be replaced by automation (50%) or the industry would cease to exist (40%)."


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