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AI Wrap Friday 1 September

Victoria MacLennan. 01 September 2023, 10:23 am

Kia ora and welcome to this weeks AI wrap the first for September. I tried a few other tools to write this and reverted back to ChatGPT as co-author. It feels like (I might be wrong) there has been a great deal of noise this last week on the AI front, more apps announced, lots of vendor promotion masked as media articles but not as much of substance - so here is a collection I’ve read that are worth your time. 

Over to ChatGPT:

In this comprehensive AI Wrap, we've curated a diverse collection of articles that highlight AI's transformative influence on various aspects of business and beyond. Delve into these articles to stay informed about the dynamic world of AI and its profound impact on the business landscape.

AI in Business and innovation

"The Importance of a Chief AI Officer for Every Company" - Forbes underscores the significance of having a Chief AI Officer to drive AI strategy and integration. Learn why AI leadership is essential for companies seeking to harness the full potential of AI.

"Unlocking Enterprise Potential with ChatGPT" - OpenAI introduces ChatGPT Enterprise, a powerful tool for enhancing customer interactions. Discover how this AI model can revolutionize customer support and engagement, offering personalized solutions at scale.

"Code Llama: AI's Role in Coding" - Facebook unveils Code Llama, an AI tool designed to aid coding. Dive into how AI can streamline coding processes, boost developer productivity, and drive innovation in software development.

"Hugging Face Raises $235M for AI Language Models" - Verdict reports on Hugging Face's significant funding raise and its impact on the AI language model landscape. Gain insights into the growing investment in AI research and development.

"IBM's AI-Enabled Asset Management" - IBM presents an AI-driven asset management solution that optimizes maintenance and operations. Discover how AI analytics are streamlining asset management processes for businesses.

"AI-Operated Technology: Shaping the Future of Automation" - discusses the transformative impact of AI-operated technology on business processes. Learn how AI is driving automation, efficiency, and scalability in various industries.

AI security and threats

"The Rise of Cyberattacks Fueled by Generative AI" - CSO Online examines the darker side of AI, revealing how cybercriminals are exploiting generative AI to launch sophisticated attacks. Gain insights into the evolving threat landscape and learn about strategies to mitigate risks.

"Navigating the AI Feedback Loop: Balancing Innovation and Pitfalls" - VentureBeat examines the delicate balance between AI innovation and potential model collapse as AI systems train on AI-generated content. Discover the challenges researchers face and potential solutions.

"XDR and AI: The Future of Cybersecurity" - VentureBeat explores the synergy between Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions and AI in the realm of cybersecurity. Understand how AI-driven insights are revolutionizing threat detection and response.

"AI Corporate Hype: Separating Reality from Illusion" - The Washington Post explores the world of AI corporate hype, dissecting the claims and realities behind the AI-driven transformations in various industries.

AI in games, media and entertainment

"AI-Powered Voice Moderation in Gaming" - The Verge highlights how Activision is leveraging AI to moderate voice communications in Call of Duty games. Discover how AI is enhancing online gaming experiences by combating toxicity and improving communication.

"YouTube's AI Feature: Identifying Songs by Sound" - ZDNet uncovers YouTube's innovative AI feature that identifies songs based on sound alone. Learn how AI is enhancing user experiences and reshaping content discovery.

"NVIDIA's AI Image Generator: From Floppy Disk to Masterpiece in Minutes" - Decrypt explores NVIDIA's AI image generator and its astonishing capabilities. Witness how AI is transforming image creation and manipulation, reshaping creative workflows across industries.

"AI-Powered Drone Triumphs Over Human Champion Pilots" - The Guardian reports on an AI-powered drone that outperformed human champion pilots in a high-speed race. Discover how AI technology is pushing the boundaries of aerial competition.

"Snapchat's AI Glitch: My AI Goes Rogue" - TechCrunch investigates an intriguing glitch in Snapchat's AI that led to unexpected posts. Explore the nuances of AI glitches and their implications for social media platforms.

AI in legal and ethical debate

"OpenAI's Dispute Over ChatGPT Derivative Works" - Arstechnica delves into the legal aspects of AI-generated content ownership. Explore the ongoing debate surrounding the authorship and ownership of AI-generated responses.

"AI Bots and the Future of Website Authenticity" - Quartz examines the role of AI bots in verifying website authenticity through CAPTCHA-like tests. Dive into the challenges and potential solutions to distinguish bots from human users.

"UK Government's Copyright Policy and AI: Criticisms and Challenges" - The Guardian sheds light on UK government's copyright policy related to AI and the criticisms it has faced from MPs. Explore the complex intersection of AI, creativity, and intellectual property.

A couple of misses from ChatGPT

I’m guessing it’s a BBC reading issue because it was these two articles from the BBC that ChatGPT struggled to nail. 

This article is clearly about - The prime minister's plan for the UK to take the lead in AI regulation is at risk unless a new law is introduced in November, MPs have warned. - but ChatGPT wrote this:

"AI's Role in Shaping the Future of Food Delivery" - BBC Technology explores how AI is transforming food delivery services, optimizing routes, predicting demand, and improving customer experiences. Discover how AI is revolutionizing last-mile logistics.

This article is so cool a robot who “will understand what we want, understand the way the world works and have the skills to carry out our commands.” But ChatGPT wrote this instead:

"The Impact of AI on Global Supply Chains" - BBC Business investigates the far-reaching effects of AI on global supply chains. Learn how AI is enhancing inventory management, demand forecasting, and overall supply chain resilience.


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