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AI wrap Friday August 4th

Victoria MacLennan. 04 August 2023, 9:53 am

During the week as a I read I capture links in a notes file then on Friday morning write a wee narrative about each of the articles. Well today, pressed for time and very tired from a long week I asked the free version of ChatGPT to write the blog post based on my links. Here is the result. Enjoy Vic

Title: AI Wrap-Up: Deepfakes, Generative AI, and Exciting Advancements - 4th August

Welcome to the AI Wrap-Up! In this edition, we bring you the latest news and developments in the world of artificial intelligence. From deepfake detection to AI-generated content, there's much to explore. Let's dive in!

1. Why Apple Doesn't Talk About AI as Much as Google, Meta, and Microsoft

Ever wondered why Apple remains relatively silent about its AI capabilities? CNBC discusses the possible reasons behind Apple's approach compared to its competitors.

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2. Regulating the Risks of AI

As AI technology advances, the need for effective regulations becomes paramount. Newsroom addresses the importance of regulating the risks associated with AI.

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3. Deepfake Detection: Analyzing Blood Flow

Intel has developed an innovative solution to detect deepfakes. Their FakeCatcher technology analyzes a person's blood flow to identify authentic videos or audios from deepfakes.

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4. Deepfakes in the Mainstream

The widespread use of deepfakes has become a concern, as evidenced by an opposition MP sharing a faked image on Twitter. The incident highlights the need for vigilance in combating misinformation.

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5. Study Reveals Human Limitations in Deepfake Detection

University College London's study exposes a disconcerting truth: humans can only detect deepfake speech 73% of the time, even with training. Advanced tools like FakeCatcher are proposed to counter this issue.

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6. YouTube's Exciting AI Experiments

YouTube is pushing the boundaries with AI-generated content. The platform is experimenting with AI auto-generated video summaries and quizzes based on educational videos.

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7. Amazon Enhances Alexa with AI

Amazon plans to revolutionize the Alexa experience by incorporating AI capabilities into the popular virtual assistant. Expect a more personalized and intuitive interaction at home.

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8. Meta's Chatbots with Unique Personas

Meta (formerly Facebook) is taking chatbots to the next level. The company is set to release chatbots with distinctive personas tailored to individual consumers.

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9. Superflows: The Open Source AI Toolkit

Superflows introduces an open-source toolkit for building AI product assistants. Developers can leverage this resource to create innovative AI solutions.

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10. Nvidia's Compact Image Personalization Method

Nvidia's groundbreaking image personalization method fits on a floppy disk and takes only four minutes to train. Discover the potential applications of this remarkable advancement.

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11. Goldman Sachs' AI Investment Growth Predictions

Goldman Sachs predicts that global AI investments will reach $200 billion by 2025. Explore the potential impact of this significant growth on the AI industry.

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12. Tinder Tests AI Tool for Photo Selection

Tinder is exploring the use of AI to help users select their best-looking photos. This AI tool aims to enhance users' dating profiles.

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13. Exploring AI Training and Career Opportunities

AI's growing prominence has led to the emergence of new training programs and careers. Organizations like DeepLearning.AI and universities are offering courses to meet the demand.

Explore DeepLearning.AI

Check out free AI classes

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14. In Praise of Boring AI

Not all AI applications are flashy. Some focus on automating mundane tasks to improve efficiency. Learn more about the significance of "boring AI" in our lives.

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That's it for this edition of the AI Wrap-Up. Stay informed and inspired by the remarkable progress in the world of artificial intelligence. Until next time!



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