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Reading you might have missed over the holiday break

Victoria MacLennan. 17 February 2023, 3:39 pm

Over the Christmas / New Year break I book marked a collection of articles. While technology news is quieter over the December / January period things still happened - the Lastpass breach, CES and of course ChatGPT. Here’s a roundup of articles I found interesting and you might have missed: 

The Australian Secure Jobs, Better Pay bill was passed with a focus on gender pay equity and placing a ban on pay secrecy

Even before Prime Minister Adern resigned and the extent of the abuse she suffered from in that role was exposed a group of prominent women spoke out about the online abuse they have experienced:

In case you missed it password vault LastPass had another breach event:

Move over ChatGPT, AI Image creation looks wicked (haven’t tried these just read about them):

Coolest CES announcement I saw was this console from Sony designed for disabled gamers:

I also read this article on inequities of access to information for blind people and the willingness to change this by a community of researchers:

It seems PC sales were way down in 2022:

The global growth of Australian business DroneShield (anti-drone protection systems) is really fascinating:

More on the impacts of the largest Tech firms laying off thousands:

And more on our skills and talent shortage, this article on how Immigration isn’t the golden bullet:

Then to a wrap of the AI posts worth a look at. 

ChatGPT will be as mundane as Excel before we know it:

A college student made an app that can tell if an essay was written by ChatGPT:

OPINION: As a consumer of content, how would you feel about your content being AI generated?

OPINION: I was trying to take a break. But every time I sneaked on to the internet I spied a marketer talking about chatGPT. And I was getting FOMO.

Enjoy the reading. Vic


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