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ITP Update: Upcoming webinars, and Industry Transformation Plan

Paul Matthews, ITP Chief Executive. 24 August 2020, 12:00 pm

Hope you're having a good week and if you're in Auckland, staying safe. It's a tough time out there, but we have heaps of upcoming webinars and other content to keep you connected.

I've also popped a quick update on the Industry Transformation Plan below. The big news this week is that we've agreed to lead the Skills workstream so there'll be heaps of opportunities for those in our community to contribute. This is hugely important too - it'll help shape the future of our profession.


Next Live Webinar: 
Tech legal update - what you need to know

4pm, Thursday 3rd September 2020. FREE

Thursday live

Following on from our Covid-19 Tech Law update in April, there's a lot we all need to know from a legal perspective stemming out of the whole pandemic. Many individuals and businesses are getting caught out in various ways, and those in tech are no exception.

Our next Thursday Live Webinar, in partnership with law firm Anthony Harper, will look at employment, immigration, privacy (e.g. around contact tracing) and general law, with heaps of time for your questions during extended Q&A.

As always, the session will kick off with an update from our TechBlog Live tech media panel and include heaps of time for your questions. I'll be facilitating the panel and putting your questions to our guests.

More info 


Tech Chat Tuesday

2pm, Tuesday 1st September 2020. FREE

Grab yourself a cuppa and come and have a chat with other tech folks across New Zealand. This is our monthly Tech Chat Tuesday, great for both new members and others to come and engage.

ITP's Tech Chat Tuesday, on the first Tuesday of each month, is a chance for our community to connect up and have a bit of a chat in a small group setting. This is a no-sales zone; but come and share how you're doing and what you're up to - or just listen.

Attendees are split randomly into groups of 5-6. Come and meet other tech folks like you in the same boat and feel free to engage as much or as little as you're comfortable.

If you haven't participated in this yet, give it a go! It's a lot of fun and runs every month.

Details and register here


Paul Matthews 2017.jpgCEO Update: Industry Transformation Plan - Skills Workstream

Many of you will be aware of the Digital Industry Transformation Plan currently being pulled together, to look at how Government and Industry can work together to drive tech-driven growth. This is especially important post-Covid.

For those unaware of the purpose of the ITPs (yeah, we know…), Industry Transformation Plans are being developed as a partnership between government, business, workers and Māori. Each is unique to its industry but will build on any existing work to describe an agreed vision for the future state of the sector; and outline the actions required to realise this vision, including investment, innovation and skills development. More here.

The "bare bones" of the Digital ITP have been developed, and the need for a clear focus on Skills, Government (eg procurement), Data and Investment as foundations has been identified through consultation and research. Expanding AI, Māori tech success, growing exporting and the Tech Story are key components as well and integrate in.

We're excited to say that ITPNZ has taken the lead on the Skills workstream of the plan and we've been working on pulling together a more detailed scope and plan including creating more opportunities for those interested in skills and education to engage.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are spearheading the overall Digital ITP in partnership with NZTech, and we'll all be working together with others such as NZRise who have taken on different parts as well. But our focus - as always - will be on developing the skills and capability of tech professionals and ensuring these meet the needs of industry.

This is a great opportunity for our sector as a whole to work together to address some of the long-standing skill-related challenges in our profession, culminating in the long-term skills shortage we see in many areas of tech. We can solve this, but it'll take input and engagement from lots of people in our tech community to make it happen. We'd love your help.

We'll be sending more detail soon, including an upcoming webinar where you can come and hear a lot more about the scope and intent of the plan and the Skills workstream especially. Stay tuned.


Previous webinars - all available free to members

Our recent Live Webinars have been massively well received.

All past webinars are available on the ITP Video Library for members:

  • An afternoon with Nanogirl
  • Taking kiwi tech to the post-Covid world
  • Tech startups in a post-Covid world
  • The IRD Transformation
  • Digital Government and Covid-19
  • Tech and the Covid-19 recovery
  • Privacy in the days of Covid-19
  • Leading Wellness in uncertain times
  • Meet the ITP Workshop Presenters
  • The data behind Covid19
  • Innovation in tough times: Don't Hunker in the Bunker
  • Covid19: Tech and the Law
  • Cybersecurity from home
  • Clarke Ching on disaster innovation
  • CITPNZ and CTech: The What, How and Why
  • Working Remotely - How to get through

Check out the webinar section here


Save the Date - ITx 2020/2021

After postponing ITx this year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we are beyond excited to announce the dates for ITx 2021 - 3-5 May 2021 at TSB Arena in Wellington.

ITx is a collaborative conference, with around 12 tech organisations working together to make it happen. We work with the other organisations to bring all of these communities together.

As always the conference focuses on bringing tech professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics together under one roof - it really is where industry and education come together to learn, engage and network. We will also be celebrating 60 years of IT Professionals NZ!


Get your ITP gear

Now is the perfect time to head over to the ITP store and grab yourself some sleek, warm and practical items for work and play. These customizable items come in a variety of sleek and simple designs and are perfect for work, networking or casualwear.


The official ITP store has a whole bunch of professional and casual clothing options, some which can be co-branded with your company. It's a great opportunity to show that you don't just "do IT" - you're also serious about professional practice. 

Pop on over to to check it out.


Stay safe and importantly, stay engaged! It's now more important than ever to reach out and be a part of your community - both for your own benefit and that of others.


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