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This week's ITP update

Paul Matthews, ITP Chief Executive. 25 November 2016, 4:38 pm
This week's ITP update

Here's a quick update from IT Professionals NZ, put together by ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

Another fairly flat-out week this week at ITP - must be something in the water. Here are some of the highlights:

Tech Leaders Forum meets

Another meeting of the Tech Leaders Forum took place this week, looking at areas where tech professional and industry bodies can work together for the good of the sector. 

The Tech Leaders Forum emerged from the significant collaboration around the ITx Conference earlier this year, to work on furthering the relationship developed and turn it into practical outcomes for our industry. It includes the Chief Executives or Chairs of 12 key tech-related industry bodies.

One major piece of work is a joint election manifesto, outlining a small number of key changes our industry believes the Government, whichever colour, needs to make to foster innovation, better prepare New Zealand for the increasingly digital future, and improve government's approach to technology. These ideas will be tested with our respective memberships in due course.

The Forum is proving to be a really valuable focal point for working together at both the big picture and operational levels. As well as bigger picture policy collaboration, joint events, etc, discussions at the forum have even led to quake-affected staff from one of the member bodies being temporarily relocated into ITP's office.

Breadth of Knowledge tests going strong for CITPNZ

A large number of those who transitioned from IT Certified Professional (ITCP) certification to Chartered IT Professional NZ in early 2015 are in the process of undertaking their Breadth of Knowledge test, ahead of the deadline of 31 January next year.

One component of ITP's Chartered IT Professional qualification is a Breadth of Knowledge test, ensuring that IT professionals have a broad "core" level of knowledge across the board (alongside specific knowledge in a particular domain). This is a requirement for all Chartered IT Professionals worldwide, and a 2-year window to complete these tests was negotiated with our international partners when the transition happened. 

The vast majority of those with CITPNZ have indicated they intend to sit the test over the next two months and many have already booked in. We have testing centres in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Dunedin and Napier and more coming online all  the time. We can also make arrangements for overseas members and those who are unable to get to these areas - just get in touch.

The first CITP Breadth of Knowledge Study Group kicked off this morning in Auckland, with really good feedback already coming in from participants. Great job Graham Hay and Nathan Bromberg for pulling that together.

Some of our members have indicated an intention to establish a CITPNZ Special Interest Group early next year as well, looking at ways the body of existing chartered professionals can help raise the profile of the certification. More info in due course.

Check out the ITP website for more about Chartered IT Professional NZ and Certified Technologist certifications for established and up-and-coming IT Professionals.

Blockchain Symposium in Wellington

Wellington's ICT Graduate School is running a Blockchain Symposium at the end of the month, to serve as an introduction to blockchain technology and investigate the issues and opportunities of distributed ledger technology.

Whether you're a novice, a sceptic or evangelist - we can all agree that blockchain technology is definitely going to impact the way New Zealand does business in the future. Featuring industry thought leaders and technology experts, the symposium promises to cut through the hype to introduce the technology and then discuss how this can be applied for data integrity, trust, accessibility, and more.

Sounds compelling. ITP financial members can grab a specially discounted ticket for just $115+GST by following this link (note that membership status will be checked - this is only for individual financial members only).


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