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The role of VR in the classroom, something we should be embracing or not? 

Victoria MacLennan. 24 March 2023, 11:55 am

Leveraging technology in the classroom is pretty well documented and understood these days. The need for enhanced digital technology skills and capabilities to be taught to ensure our ākonga (learners) are developing the range of skills they require for their future jobs is also well understood. 

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How green is our industry really?…

Victoria MacLennan. 17 March 2023, 9:07 am

A discussion with passionate Massey students led to this blog post on how our lightweight industry actually casts a dark shadow over the environment.

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Supporting women to thrive in the workplace, international women's day 2023

Victoria MacLennan. 08 March 2023, 10:12 pm

This is not another International Women's Day blog I promise. This is a post on how I am going to support women to thrive, and how you can join me too. 

Flicking through radio stations on the drive home last night (trying to find one with music not adverts) I stumbled on 2 male radio hosts discussing their plans for International Women's day - today - wearing womens underwear to work. They thought this was hilarious, I thought it was sad.

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Growing the industry: Education programme Tahi Run Toru Tech

Victoria MacLennan. 03 March 2023, 7:49 pm

16,000+ tamariki (children) were involved across the motu 
1,900+ teachers learned more about the digital technology curriculum while supporting learners through the programme 
80% of the 2022 nat…

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Can AI meeting assistants take decent notes? 

Victoria MacLennan. 24 February 2023, 8:59 am

Tools to provide meeting transcription aren't a new concept but the SAAS market for tools that integrate with zoom, teams, google hangouts etc designed to capture a written transcript of your meeting …

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Reading you might have missed over the holiday break

Victoria MacLennan. 17 February 2023, 3:39 pm

Over the Christmas / New Year break I book marked a collection of articles. While technology news is quieter over the December / January period things still happened - the Lastpass breach, CES and of …

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Not another ChatGPT blog - this one has ideas you can use

Victoria MacLennan. 10 February 2023, 1:37 pm

I think it's fair to say the race to own the user interactive AI space is heating up, free vs paid access to AI is poised to become the new frontier of Digital Equity and the role of these emerging te…

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How do we feel?…

Victoria MacLennan. 19 December 2022, 12:37 pm

How do we feel? Attitudes of the digital technology workforce

Welcome to the 2022 How do we feel survey.
This survey will be released as a series of small surveys on a range of topics every fortn…

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Griffin on Tech: Eureka! Let’s make 2023 a year of progress

Peter Griffin. 16 December 2022, 4:20 pm

We have the technology and tools to tackle the issues facing society. What we need in 2022 is a collective will - and a laser focus on implementation.

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Growing the industry: Foundational skills

Victoria MacLennan. 07 December 2022, 11:22 pm

One of the magical things about working in digital technology is the ability to pivot and have multiple careers within a single career, there are untold stories out there of business analysts who beco…

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Vic's thoughts on the CIO Summit and Awards

Victoria MacLennan. 02 December 2022, 5:17 pm

The CIO Summit was on this week. Here are my highlight, lowlights and insights from the keynote speaker.

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