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Scholarships in memory of a lost tech leader

Peter Griffin, Editor. 01 March 2022, 2:27 pm

Scott Bartlett's death from brain cancer at age 40 in 2020 as the pandemic was raging around him, sparked an outpouring of sorrow in the tech community he was part of.

Bartlett had been the right-hand man to Seeby Woodhouse at Orcon, staying on after the sale of the internet provider to state-owned Kordia in 2007 for $24.7 million.

He was still only in his early 30s when he became CEO of Kordia and then group CEO in 2016. The fast pace of change in the tech sector sees many people switching jobs and companies regularly. But Bartlett stuck with Kordia right up to his final days and played an integral role in modernising the company, including branching into cybersecurity and cloud computing. His influence beyond Kordia was also great, with him serving as a director of the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) and the Number Administration Deed (NAD), as well as a councillor for Internet NZ. He was also on the board of ASB.


Scott Bartlett passed away in December 2020

Now a scholarship established by Kordia, ASB and the University of Waitako, of which Bartlett is an alumnus and former University Council member, will support other aspiring leaders with a tech bent. The Scott Bartlett Memorial Scholarship will see three scholarships of $4,000 awarded each year to students completing the final year of either a conjoint degree or a degree with a double major. 

The degree majors must be from the Waikato Management School and one (or more) of the Schools of Science, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, or Engineering. Applications are being taken this year with the first scholarships to be awarded in 2023. 

"Part of what made Scott a brilliant business leader was his passion for developing talent and helping people succeed," says Kordia Group CEO Shaun Rendell, who worked alongside Scott for many years as CFO and was appointed acting CEO at Kordia when Scott was ill.

"He would be very happy to know that his legacy will support the next generation of leaders entering the New Zealand business scene through the scholarship."

Online applications for the Scott Bartlett Memorial Scholarship close on November 15.


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