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Quick ITP update and upcoming events

Paul Matthews, ITP Chief Executive. 12 October 2020, 3:00 pm
Quick ITP update and upcoming events

I'm really looking forward to this Thursday's Live Webinar, as we drill into the role of technology in the Covid response with the Ministry of Health's head tech honcho - Deputy Director-General of Digital and Data, Shayne Hunter. Don't miss it!

We're also pleased to announce that Whitecliffe has become the first PTE to obtain ITP's coveted degree accreditation. Up until now, only Universities and Polytechnics have achieved it so this is a big milestone for the PTE sector. This is also the last week to complete the Skills Survey - we really need your input in this. Details below.

And lastly, sadly, we now won't be bringing you the tech policy debate this election after all. We really did work hard to bring this to you, however with one of the main party spokespeople choosing not to debate the others, and it now being days before e-day, we have no choice but to can it.


No Tech Policy Debate this year

Well, we tried. And tried. And tried. Every political party we asked bar one was prepared to come and debate tech policy, and despite being completely flexible with when (as we were doing it via webinar), the other - one of the two larger ones - has now decided their spokesperson is too busy to participate.

I lost count of the number of times we were in contact with their office over the last two months trying to get this locked in, and to my knowledge this is the first time we haven't had all parties chomping at the bit to debate tech policy before an election - especially the two main parties. ITP has arranged tech debates every other election in living memory, and in fact last election we did two!

Late last week the party proposed a back-bencher with no real contact with the tech portfolio to stand in. While that was appreciated, frankly, the election is this Saturday and it's just too late - we can hardly expect the other parties to now drop everything to participate a day or two before e-day (having already held a number of dates previously).

My genuine apologies to our community. We enjoy bringing these debates to you, but it is reliant on the parties agreeing to participate. We'll try again in three years!


Whitecliffe becomes first PTE to achieve coveted accreditation

We're excited to announced that Whitecliffe (was Computer Power Plus) has been the first Private Provider to achieve the coveted ITP industry accreditation for their Bachelor of Applied IT Degree in their Christchurch and Wellington campuses. 

The internationally-aligned ITP degree accreditation programme recognises the tech-related degrees that provide the best pathway to industry and includes a comprehensive review, including multi-day campus visit from a panel of academics and industry representatives.

This is the 11th tech-related degree to receive formal industry endorsement in NZ, with a number of others currently working through the process. However

The accreditation endorses the quality of the degrees from an industry standpoint and ensures good industry engagement, projects, plus a focus on both the technical and non-technical areas that are important to industry (teamwork, communication skills, ability to handle uncertainty and complexity, etc).

You can see which NZ degrees are currently accredited here, with more info on the accreditation programme here.


What are New Zealand's future digital skill needs?

It's certainly been a rough year for many companies in New Zealand and around the world. Now more than ever, it's essential we get a good picture of New Zealand's future digital tech skill needs.

We need your help - as a Digital Skills Forum initiative in partnership with NZTech, MBIE and NZRise, we're working together to understand what these future skill needs are. And we need your help by taking the time to let us know your company's perspective.

We know you're busy but this isn't "just another survey". The results will be used to set policy and decisions with real implications for our industry, through the Industry Transformation Plan and other Government and industry initiatives.

Ideally, the most senior person involved in skills and hiring in your organisation should complete the survey, getting help as needed. If that's not you, could you forward this on to them? It should only take 10-15 minutes and is really important.

This is the last week to complete it! Please do - we really need your input.

Complete the skills survey here


This week's Thursday Live Webinar:
How Technology enabled the Health Response

Thursday Live Health

4pm Thursday 15 October

This is going to be a cracker! From the Covid app to data management, prediction engines, contract tracing and much more, Tech has played a major role in the health response to Covid-19.

Join the NZ Ministry of Health's Digital and Data head Shayne Hunter as he outlines the role Tech has played to date in the health response including lessons learnt and opportunities for the future. He'll also provide some insight into the "war room" efforts that led to New Zealand's world-leading response.

As always, there'll be plenty of time for Q&A, with ITP CEO Paul Matthews putting your questions to Shayne.

The session will also kick off with our Tech Media Panel.

Register and more info


Gibbons Lectures on AI and Society

This year's annual series of Gibbons Lectures, run by the University of Auckland in partnership with IT Professionals NZ, focuses on AI and Society. The events are being run live online for the first time.

The last couple were excellent, and the following are coming up:

Check them out at the links above.


Cybersecurity short courses - essential content

In light of the recent attacks on NZX and others, we've been asked to schedule more of our cybersecurity short courses. These are perfect for tech professionals to help ensure you have the core stuff covered, while also helping put in place plans should you be the victim of an attack.

Here's the last one:

Cybersecurity Incident Response Playbooks

13 October (TOMORROW) - The half-day Cybersecurity Incident Response Playbooks course is intended for those wishing to develop incident response playbook(s) for their organization to respond to a range of potential cybersecurity threats. The course covers best practice cyber-response playbooks following the NIST cyber-response frameworks.

Our half-day courses are from $300+GST per person. Members and non-members welcome, however see the website for member and corporate partner pricing.

This really is inexpensive compared with similar courses elsewhere and not much given the cost of getting these things wrong.

All are delivered live online, so participate from anywhere. Also, talk to us about bulk deals to ensure your whole staff are covered.


Previous webinars - all available free to members

All past webinars are available on the ITP Video Library for members:

  • How Covid is impacting the Gaming Industry
  • Creating a plan for Digital Skills
  • Cybersecurity and the recent attacks
  • Tech legal update - what you need to know
  • An afternoon with Nanogirl
  • Taking kiwi tech to the post-Covid world
  • Tech startups in a post-Covid world
  • The IRD Transformation
  • Digital Government and Covid-19
  • Tech and the Covid-19 recovery
  • Privacy in the days of Covid-19
  • Leading Wellness in uncertain times
  • Meet the ITP Workshop Presenters
  • The data behind Covid19
  • Innovation in tough times: Don't Hunker in the Bunker
  • Covid19: Tech and the Law
  • Cybersecurity from home
  • Clarke Ching on disaster innovation
  • CITPNZ and CTech: The What, How and Why
  • Working Remotely - How to get through

Check out the webinar section here


Save the Date - ITx 2020/2021

After postponing ITx this year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we are beyond excited to announce the dates for ITx 2021 - 3-5 May 2021 at TSB Arena in Wellington.

ITx is a collaborative conference, with around 12 tech organisations working together to make it happen. We work with the other organisations to bring all of these communities together.

As always the conference focuses on bringing tech professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics together under one roof - it really is where industry and education come together to learn, engage and network. We will also be celebrating 60 years of IT Professionals NZ!


Have a great week,


Paul Matthews
Chief Executive
IT Professionals NZ


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