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New gastric monitoring solution set to improve patient gut health worldwide

Techblog staff. 05 July 2021, 7:11 am

Patients with gastric and gut health problems have a real problem: their symptoms can be vague and clinicians often need several rounds of tests, often of an invasive nature, before a diagnosis and course of treatment can be determined. 

Alimetry is trying to change all that with a wearable gastric monitoring device and mobile app that transforms the patient experience, giving physicians more meaningful data and ultimately better treatment for their patients. 

Auckland-based founder and CEO Professor Greg O'Grady says Gastric Alimetry provides a new solution that doesn't require invasive tests.

 "Patients can access our non-invasive medical test to monitor the activity of their stomach, while logging their symptoms on our mobile app. The data is sent to the Cloud, via the app, for physicians to analyse the results, inform a diagnosis and recommend treatment."

The monitoring solution is the culmination of years of work by Alimetry's team, who spun out the company from the University of Auckland here in New Zealand. They chose local dev shop UiRevolution to develop the app and user interface for iOS devices. 

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"Getting the user interface right was crucial. If doctors and patients didn't feel they could trust Alimetry, they wouldn't give it a second chance. By presenting a clear picture of what's happening on a mobile device, we can help drive an accurate diagnosis," says UiRevolution Co-Founder and Director of Information Architecture Brani Mead. 

"It's gratifying to know that millions of people worldwide are set to benefit from better knowledge of their gut health." 

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 9.11.21 PM.png

To help Alimetry get to market as fast as possible, UiRevolution spun up a simulator of the monitoring device for testing while the device itself was still being developed. 

"We worked at pace to design and develop a solution that would work efficiently online or offline and seamlessly communicate with devices through Bluetooth, with assurances their personal health data was secure. When Alimetry were ready, we were ready," says UiRevolution Co-founder and Technical Director Srinivasa Munagala.

Alimetry's rigorous testing and processes have helped secure European CE Mark medical device approval in just under two years, a stringent standard that usually takes over five years for a start-up company to achieve. ISO 13485 international quality management system accreditation has also been ticked off, and with FDA approval in the pipeline, the path is clear to launch Gastric Alimetry globally, and bring the Kiwi health tech revolution to the world. 


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