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Update from ITPNZ

Update from ITPNZ

Here's a quick weekly update from ITP CEO Paul Matthews

This week the ITP National Board came together to review progress this year and look at a number of strategic areas for ITP. As you'd expect, there was a big focus on continuing to support our community through Covid-19, plus a range of other issues including how we will now celebrate ITP's 60th anniversary. More on that soon!

Next week we're hosting a webinar outlining our certification programmes (what, why, how), plus an awesome webinar on tech recruitment - what's changed in light of Covid-19? Perfect for those looking at changing roles or finding their first (or next) role in our industry. We hosted Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson at the Thursday Live webinar this week, available in the ITP Member Library now.

And don't forget to get your ITP gear, with a great range of ITP-branded clothing for work and play - now available at the ITP members' online store. 


ITP National Board July meeting

This week the ITP National Board came together to review progress this year and look at a number of strategic areas for ITP.

As you'd expect, there continues to be a strong focus on Covid-19, and especially how we can help the professional tech community work through these challenges.

Amongst other things there was considerable discussion about the big Review of Vocational Education and continual disbelief at the approach taken by the Tertiary Education Commission in relation to the industry component. I've written about this recently, and we'll be continuing to raise it until there is some form of resolution acceptable to the industry. It's awesome that our friends at NZTech have also thrown their support well and truly behind this.

The Board also discussed some plans for celebrating the 60th Anniversary of ITPNZ later this year. Covid-19 has thrown the original plans of celebrating it as part of ITx 2020 out the door, however we have a few plans - more information soon. ITx 2021 (see below) will also have a very strong focus on the last 60 years of tech innovation in New Zealand.

At a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy working with such a forward-looking and supportive National Board and ITP members should also feel the same way. Our Board gives the organisation and our profession a huge amount of time and effort, their reward being improving our industry. So a huge thanks.


Interested in becoming Chartered or Certified?

CITPNZ with full name.png

On Monday we're running a live online workshop/webinar designed to help you understanding ITP's certifications and get started.

Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) and Certified Technologist (CTech) are the two professional certifications offered by ITP. But why do we offer them and do they really matter?

CITPNZ and CTech are professional certifications as opposed to technical certifications. This means that rather than assessing whether you can do specific tasks with specific technologies, they independently confirm that you:

  • Know what you're doing (in your chosen area)
  • Keep up to date in your field
  • Are trustworthy
  • Are bound by a Code of Ethics, and
  • Can demonstrate actual results

In short, you're someone that the professional body of the sector has independently assessed and can endorse as a bona fide professional. It's not a guarantee that you'll always get it right; but it is a commitment that if you breach your ethical responsibilities, the professional community can hold you to account.

This webinar will start with a run-through of what they are and why (from a high level), followed by a detailed walkthrough of how to apply and plenty of time for Q&A.

More information and register here


Webinar on Tech Recruitment next week


Next week we have our first live webinar in a series from ITP's branch network, this one hosted by our Christchurch Branch.

In a year like no other in living memory what does the landscape look like now in the world of Tech Recruitment?

Join ITP Board Member and KPMG Management Consultant Blair Morgan in a "virtual sofa" discussion with Paul O'Donovan and Clare O'Sullivan from OCG Consulting Ltd to look at what those seeking employment in the Tech Sector in 2020 should be aware of and accompanying tips for how best to position yourself in the Tech Sector market.

This really will be an awesome discussion for anyone looking to change roles, get into the industry, or get back in. Check it out.

More information and register here


Yesterday's Live webinar: An afternoon with Nanogirl

Yesterday we were really excited to host a webinar with Michelle Dickinson, otherwise known as Nanogirl, talking about the awesome Nanogirl journey, the role of tech along with way, plus her views on education, science, life the Universe and everything.

This was a fascinating look into the Nanogirl phenomenon, including their response when the business disappeared overnight due to Covid. Definitely well worth a watch!

Michelle Dickinson.jpg

ITP members can watch the full webinar - alongside other recent ITP webinars and events - on the ITP Video Library.


Save the Date - ITx 2020/2021

After postponing ITx this year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we are beyond excited to announce the dates for ITx 2021 - 3-5 May 2021 at TSB Arena in Wellington.

ITx is a collaborative conference, with around 12 tech organisations working together to make it happen. We work with the other organisations to bring all of these communities together.

As always the conference focuses on bringing tech professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics together under one roof - it really is where industry and education come together to learn, engage and network. We will also be celebrating 60 years of IT Professionals!


Get yourself a Mentor

If you're serious about accelerating your career, mentoring has to play a key role. ITP's mentoring programme isn't just catching up with someone who has walked your path before - it's a structured programme to help you plan out where you want to go and help you get ahead. 

And best of all, it's completely free for ITP members.

We've had a huge response from our Call for Mentors and with the mentor inductions happening now, we'll have close to 100 mentors ready to go when we kick things off.

What is the ITP Mentoring program?

People who are supported by a mentor almost invariably have a greater understanding of themselves and are in greater control of their own decisions. In fact the evidence clearly shows that those who have gone through a good mentoring programme advance their own careers at a far faster rate than those who don't.

As a Mentee, mentoring can:

  • Identify new areas needed for your professional development and growth
  • Gain new insights and knowledge about the profession
  • Clarify your career direction
  • Provide regular and constructive feedback
  • Provide professional support and networking opportunities

We're currently staging invitations over several weeks to sign up for a mentor in the refreshed programme. If you're an ITP member, watch out for your invitation.

Note that this is career mentoring intended for those already working, so student members are not eligible. However we're working on alternative options to ensure students are well supported for their transition into industry.


Get your ITP gear

Now is the perfect time to head over to the ITP store and grab yourself some sleek, warm and practical items for winter. These customizable items come in a variety of sleek and simple designs and are perfect for work, networking or casualwear.


The official ITP store has a whole bunch of professional and casual clothing options, some which can be co-branded with your company. It's a great opportunity to show that you don't just "do IT" - you're also serious about professional practice. 

Pop on over to to check it out.


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