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Update from ITPNZ

Paul Matthews. 28 June 2019, 5:21 pm
Update from ITPNZ

Here's a quick weekly update from ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

We're really excited to announce those elected onto our National Board and Branch Committees, as declared at the AGM yesterday. We have a truly outstanding team of 70 branch volunteers throughout New Zealand doing awesome things for our profession.

Also, we need your help with ITx Rutherford and, speaking of the AGM, we were also really happy to unveil our new ITP Events Centre in Plimmer Tower, Wellington yesterday.

ITx Rutherford 2019

As you will have heard, ITP is running an ITx spin-off conference this year called ITx Rutherford. We're really excited to be bringing our community together for this event in October, but we need your help!

The main reason we run these conferences is to bring our community together, provide a platform for digital, technology, software and IT people to share their own experiences and work, and an opportunity for others to engage and learn. Oh, and have a bloody good time doing it!

For this to be a success, we really need two things from our community:

  1. Presenters. The Call for Presenters is just closing and we have some awesome talks that have come in already. However by request, we've extended the deadline for the CFP to next Friday, 5th July. Keen to talk? Pop your idea in here.
  2. Sponsors. We run the conference on a break-even basis to bring our community together. We can do this because of the awesome sponsors who support the profession, but we need more! You can download the Sponsorship Prospectus - can you help, or send it on to others who could? It's a great opportunity for your company to be seen to support Innovation, Technology and Education and we have some awesome packages.

ITx Rutherford is a national conference held in Nelson on 9-11 October 2019.

Find out more at


New Board and Branch Committees

Yesterday we held our 2019 Annual General Meeting, and it was awesome to see the highest AGM attendance since 2009. As well as covering off a report from the last year (strategic, operations and finance), we also announced our awesome new Branch Committees and National Board.

As per the ITP rules, the new ITP National Board and Branch Committees, as elected by the members over the last few weeks, became "official" at the AGM.

Our new Board and Committee (elected or re-elected in bold, mid-term otherwise) are:

IT National Board:

  • Steve Davis (Southern)
  • Blair Morgan (Southern)
  • Robyn Kamira (Northern)
  • Nathan Bromberg (Northern)
  • Paul Heath (Central)
  • Alison Holt (Central)
  • Mike Dennehy (President)
  • Anthony Dowling (Deputy President)

Auckland Branch Committee:

  • Shamalka Dona
  • Francesa Frandi
  • Owen McCall
  • Anja Tschachtli
  • Vinod Vyas
  • Igor Portugal
  • Anthony McMahon 

Wellington Branch Committee:

  • Brad Cooper
  • Anne Tixier
  • Charlene Leong
  • Mark Harrison
  • Simon Lloyd-Evans
  • Graeme Ruthven
  • Carl Klitscher
  • Kay Jones

Christchurch Branch Committee:

  • Jit Hushare
  • Rachael Lattimore
  • Richard Malloch
  • Bill Walker
  • Steve Allen
  • Josh Klazinga
  • Scott Miller
  • Chrissie Whitfield

Hamilton Branch Committee:

  • David Hallett
  • Sally Jo Cunningham
  • Abhishek Alekar
  • Pieter Bronkhorst
  • Aaron Steele
  • Richard Henderson
  • Mehrdad Behroozi
  • Susan Souren

Tauranga Branch Committee:

  • Rabindra Das
  • Amber Johnsen
  • Richard Roodt
  • Keith Woodcock
  • Tony Snow
  • Mike Bell
  • Grant Strang 

Dunedin Branch Committee:

  • Oras Baker
  • Kylie Jackson
  • Henk Roodt
  • Brendon Woodford
  • Ian Simpson
  • Grant Paine
  • Jamie Vaughan

Nelson Branch Committee:

  • Kent Fergusson
  • Belma Gaukrodger
  • Simon Gutschlag
  • Shelley Grell
  • Matthew Dodd
  • Michael Boyer
  • Krupesh Desai
  • Hilary Williams

Palmerston North Branch Committee:

  • Aaron Fulton
  • Tony Lyne
  • Jeremy McClure
  • Steve Pavarno
  • Grant Batten
  • Graeme Fenemor
  • Steve McIntyre
  • Alexei Tretiakov

ITP is extremely lucky to have such an awesome team of volunteers throughout New Zealand who ensure our local events and other activities happen regularly, are relevant, and are of excellent quality. Thanks to everyone who put up their hands to be on our committee.


ITP's new Event Centre opens 

Speaking of the AGM, we were very pleased to have this as our first event in the new ITP Event Centre in Plimmer Tower, Wellington.


The event space is fresh and modern and ideal for mid-sized events with 50-75 people attending, as well as workshops, meetings, small expos, and other style events.

We'll shortly be making this space available for members and corporate partners at a member-discounted rate for your own events and activities. Those running tech-related community events will be able to apply to use the venue completely free. Drop us a note if you're interested in either option when it's available, or want to come take a look.

We're excited to be able to support our Wellington community with this awesome multi-use event space connected with our main office. If successful, we may also look at securing our own event space in other cities as well in future.


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