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Kiwicon takes over Wellington

Paul Brislen, Editor. 14 November 2018, 7:43 am

Wellington is having its warranty voided, if Kiwicon has anything to say about it.

The hacker conference, which bills itself as "one of the myriad technical computer security conferences in the Australia-Pacific region, but remains triumphant as the one that most resembles a variety show," kicks off this week in Wellington and is set to attract a full slate of security-curious IT folk with a wealth of sessions running from Tuesday through to Saturday. 

Topics covered include hacking low power Bluetooth devices, defining threat models, how to run a security incident exercise, sessions on new tools and old tricks (the curiously named "Apathy and Arsenic: a Victorian Era lesson on fighting the surveillance state" session runs on Friday) and plenty more. 

And, being a hacker conference it's about more than just security - hacking being a much maligned term, the Kiwicon also includes sessions on textile hacking.

The conference is sold out, and it would appear all the t-shirts have been sold, but there may be the odd additional ticket floating around if you ask using the appropriate phrasing.

Kiwicon began in 2007 and has run annual ever since, albeit with time off for good behaviour last year.


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