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ITx: What does the future hold?

Sam Jarman, Guest post. 18 July 2016, 7:46 am
ITx: What does the future hold?

At ITx 2016, Sam Jarman gave us a sneak peak at what we might expect to see in the next few years. He's kindly blogged on the subject for us as well.

The Future

The future will be crazy. Just look at what have now - Uber, Apple Watches, and self-landing rockets all seemed crazy just ten years ago. This post contains some crazy ideas. Here goes.

The Chatty

In just ten years, social media will change. Right now, we live in the moment on Social Networks via our phones.

But what about future hardware? The Emotiv EEG headset can read your brainwaves to get basic signals that can be mapped to actions. Primitive for now, but soon full text input. For experiencing the content, Google Glass-like HUDs are a great way to experience content. Looking ahead, we'll see these sorts of displays in contact lenses, and the current research is already producing eight pixel displays.

Social media is interesting. The users are glued to it, and the content needs tailoring for the user. So what if we combined all this for the perfect experience? Social media network via brainwaves!

It's what I call a NeuroSocial network. With such a system, you will be able to tune in and out of social channels as you so desire. With a EEG headsets and heads up display, you can just think about what you want to see, and you will see it. Think about what you want to share, and you will do. This is Digital Telepathy.

With NeuroSocial networks, influencers on social media will be able to promote products in a natural way, in the context of their everyday lives. This is the future of fashion.

The Smart

Artificial Intelligence will change the way we think about almost everything. Computers are now able to learn behaviour and make decisions with incredible precision.

A lot of people worry about AI going rouge. Sure, Asimov's Three Laws may try protect you, but the laws lack definition around key terms. The obvious solution is don't give robots guns. The addition of a cute face on humanoid robots has also been shown to put people at ease.

However the main concern for AI is the job losses, what would happen to truck drivers if they became AI driven? Many more jobs stand to be lost by advancements in technology and AI - and we must be careful that we have replacement jobs waiting for our fellow humans who are now out of work. Technologists should have ongoing discussions with those who experts in philosophy, economics, psychology and ethics over the next 20 years in order to make the future better for all of us

The Small

Nanotechnology is the future. Transistors are getting smaller, but Moore's Law time is running out. The future lies in both technology and biology. Smart paper tests for disease are currently experiencing a revolution. Build this fast and accurate technology into your home and a smart restroom could inform anything from your doctor to your shopping list. Molecules are also being used to detect cancer in the body taking advantage of their small size. Awesome research is happening more close to home too, like UC's project with their Supercomputer looking to simulate millions of human cells to run virtual drug trials

On the technology side, we'll see a rise of nanobots, a tiny device that can transform any given material. There are countless applications such as medicine, personal grooming, military and defence or even environmental. Nanobots could eat away at anything from tumours, to oil spills to nuclear warheads. The next 50 years look exciting indeed.

That's a view of the future. It might not be the chatty, the smart or the small, it might've be something we can't even see or even begin to predict now. Predictions of the the future turn out almost never to be true, but whatever that next thing is, it is right around the corner.

saNo matter when you're reading this post, that next thing will change the world. And it'll arrive so fast, faster than any of us think. It won't be shocking or startling, we humans will adapt to it, just like we always do and life will get a little better, just like it always has. Whatever that next thing is, I really hope I'm there with all of you to see it.

Sam Jarman is a software developer at Sailthru. He is a marketing fanatic, actor, runner and future thinker. You can follow him @samjarman on Twitter.


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Samraj Ratnasingam 30 July 2016, 11:23 pm

Technology is fast changing but The ITC couldn't help much to remove poverty and So sad

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