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Phictionary: the key methods phishing scammers use…

Peter Griffin. 18 July 2023, 10:02 am

We are in the middle of a 'scamdemic' with reported financial losses from online scams and phishing attacks reaching record levels in most countries.

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Transparency key to making human-bot teams succeed - researchers

Peter Griffin. 13 July 2023, 11:28 am

The generative AI revolution has the potential to impact most industries in some way, but customer service chatbots are an immediate application of the technology already widely deployed.

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Digital divide, data sovereignty, skills development - priorities for Māori tech sector

Peter Griffin. 11 July 2023, 10:46 am

Māori should be more than "token add-ons", but instead intentionally sought as partners, co-designers, and contributors to New Zealand's tech sector, a new report canvassing views from Māori in tech…

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Griffin on Tech: Threads of unease

Peter Griffin. 07 July 2023, 1:49 pm

Meta's debut of Threads spells relief for fed-up Twitter users - but don't forget Mark Zuckerberg's patchy record on content moderation, privacy and data security.

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New life for radio astronomy station

Peter Griffin. 06 July 2023, 11:45 am

New Zealand's tiny community of radioastronomers was dealt a major blow last year when costing cutting at AUT saw its research operations at the Warkworth Satellite Earth Station shut down.

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US govt buy vast quantities of personal information on the open market – what it means for privacy in the age of AI

Anne Toomey McKenna. 04 July 2023, 11:19 am

Numerous government agencies have purchased vast amounts of U.S. citizens' personal information from commercial data brokers.

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Griffin on Tech: Microsoft’s leg-up from the Govt and the tech bro cage fight

Peter Griffin. 30 June 2023, 1:30 pm

RNZ's Phil Pennington continues to do valuable investigative work using the Official Information Act to shine a light on the inner workings of government, including its use of technology.

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With campus numbers plummeting due to online learning, do we need two categories of university degree?

Ananish Chaudhuri. 28 June 2023, 5:27 pm

As recent headlines have made clear, New Zealand universities are in an existential crisis for a variety of reasons, including a sharp drop in international student numbers and chronic underfunding.

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Hi-Tech Awards: Against the gloom, an upbeat industry looks to the future…

Peter Griffin. 27 June 2023, 10:28 am

In the modern splendour of Christchurch's Te Pae Convention Centre, the tech sector came together to honour its most successful, impactful and inspiring companies and individuals on Friday.

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Griffin on Tech: Gabrielle’s telecoms lessons and the limits of DIY innovation

Peter Griffin. 23 June 2023, 11:20 am

New reports show the barriers the telecoms industry faced in responding to Cyclone Gabrielle. We need to do better - and quickly.

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DDoS attackers - hacktivists or state-backed actors?

Peter Griffin. 20 June 2023, 12:44 pm

Is Anonymous Sudan a hacktivist group or an information warfare tool of the Russian government? CyberCX has its own theory.

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Griffin on Tech: AI Act progress, Kim's extradition, and women-led start-ups 

Peter Griffin. 16 June 2023, 10:18 am

It's full steam ahead on AI regulation in Europe with members of the EU Parliament passing the draft text of the Artificial Intelligence Act with strong consensus - 499 to 28 votes in favour.

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New digital skills initiatives target Māori, Pasifika and the primary sector

Peter Griffin. 15 June 2023, 10:22 am

Public cloud provider AWS has joined a handful of tech companies in offering digital access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) topics for low-decile intermediate schools.

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AI the game changer, but who is allowed to play?

Viv Chandra. 13 June 2023, 10:49 am

AI: What we don’t want is to have is two games, one benefitting those who have access and one where the game rules punish those who don’t.

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Griffin on Tech: ChatGPT bans and the the rise of ‘FedGPT’

Peter Griffin. 09 June 2023, 10:53 am

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment this week became the first government department to explicitly ban staff from using ChatGPT.

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AI no antidote to healthcare sector woes

Peter Griffin. 08 June 2023, 10:12 am

With hospitals overwhelmed and patients facing big delays, it's tempting to think that the health sector is a prime candidate to receive a much-needed productivity boost from artificial intelligence.

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Don’t mention the metaverse - Apple finally debuts its mixed reality headset

Peter Griffin. 06 June 2023, 9:49 am

Apple has debuted its long-anticipated mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, with the aim of creating a "fully three-dimensional user interface" but with an eye-watering price tag.

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Griffin on Tech: The tide is (slowly) turning on R&D spending

Peter Griffin. 02 June 2023, 10:46 am

Our businesses spent an additional $1 billion on R&D in the last nine months. That's great for the economy, but there's a long way to go to match spending in other OECD countries.

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Digital twin industry effort kicks off

Peter Griffin. 01 June 2023, 12:10 pm

An industry partnership aimed at advancing digital twin technology has launched mirroring efforts across the Tasman to explore how digital twins can be used.

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Fighting foot & mouth disease: An algorithm could make all the difference

Peter Griffin. 30 May 2023, 9:04 am

A team of University of Canterbury scientists have set out to develop algorithms to inform biosecurity efforts to tackle biological threats that could have devastating impacts on the environment - and…

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