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Tech sector performance review: employees weigh in

Paul Brislen, Editor. 17 June 2019, 7:59 am

Employer technology choices remain among the top three requirements Kiwi staff have, according to the latest Randstad annual employer brand survey.

Kiwis put "uses the latest technologies" at number three on the list of top ten items they expect good employers to offer. First place is that employers be financially healthy and second is that they offer job security.

This could suggest canny Kiwis rely on the boss to have the latest kit instead of shelling out to buy for themselves, but could also simply mean we expect to have the tools to do the job asked of us.

Interestingly, the survey says some companies fail to recognise what staff actually want from a work environment and that includes getting paid to do the work, but also a good work-life balance and coming in at number three, a "pleasant work atmosphere".

There's also a huge difference in terms of what employees are looking for based on age. For 50% of 'Gen Z' (18-24) work life balance followed by good training (44%) was key. For Millennials (25-34) attractive salary & benefits ranked highest at 54% followed by work life balance at 51%. It was a similar picture for 'Gen X' (35-54) with 57% considering attractive salary & benefits most important followed by work life balance (51%). For Baby Boomers, (55-64) salary and benefits was number one at 56%, followed by work-life balance (53%).

This is the 19th year the Randstad report has been produced and includes 200,000 respondents from 32 countries. With 80% of employers saying that having a strong employment brand is essential in hiring quality staff, knowing what staff look for in an employer is important to anyone who has to rely on staff for their production cycle - doubly so in a market where unemployment rates are at historical lows and almost one third of employees are looking at moving employers in the next 12 months.

So how does the tech sector fair this year?

The report puts tech employers in the "highly attractive" quadrant and with high awareness, making it more of a draw card than most other sectors. Information Technology and Telecommunications came in at seventh place overall, beaten out only by education, professional services, the public sector, "fast moving consumer goods" and the ever popular "media".

Some of our largest tech companies haven't fair so well this time round, with almost all slipping back in terms of preferred places to to work on their placings last year. Chorus fell from 122 place to 131, 2Degrees from 40th to 80th, Vodafone from 29 to 30 and Spark from 44 to 53rd place.

IBM rose from 43rd to 34th overall.


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