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Computer games - the new security breach vector

Paul Brislen, Editor. 25 November 2020, 7:26 am

For computer gamers the focus has traditionally been on graphics cards, cooling systems and controllers but now a new element needs some attention: security.

According to the data from Atlas VPN, 38% of gamers have been "hacked at least once" while playing computer games.

While trolling is not uncommon in online games - trolling was reported by 64% of gamers - bullying and hate speech was reported by 57% and unwanted sexual contact by 40%. More than one third (34%) also reported personal information being revealled online during game play.

This culture of toxicity has led to many gamers preferring to focus on solo play rather than mulitplayer games and reducing that is seen as the best way to get more players into shared game experiences.

None of this appears to have dampened player expectations or demand for online gaming. More than 900 million users play regularly around the world with more casual gamers playing on mobile devices. The global spend on games has passed the US$150 billion mark and is expected to hit US$200 billion by 2023.

Atlas suggests limiting the amount of private information users share online, installing multi-factor authentication and only downloading games from reputable sources.

The full report from Atlas VPN can be found here.


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