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Advertisers challenge Facebook over fake ads

Paul Brislen, Editor. 14 September 2020, 5:02 pm

Facebook faces more challenges this week as a collective of advertisers calls on the social media giant to crack down on the fake ads which plague the site.

The World Federation of Advertisers wants Facebook to require advertisers pass proof of identity checks so fraudulent advertisers can be challenged legally. Currently anyone with a Facebook account can advertise on the site and there are a number of fake ads, ads for scams and other products or services which may or may not be legal in various territories.

The news comes as Facebook begins sponsorship of a NetSafe campaign designed to warn against the dangers of fake news on social media.

Facebook is funding the bulk of the campaign which aims to "Demystify fake news" and while the site specifically references COVID-19 related disinformation, it attempts to teach users about how to spot fake content of all types.

However, Facebook founder and majority shareholder Mark Zuckerberg also says the company won't be removing any anti-vaccine posts because there may be legitimate problems with a vaccine. In a rare interview, Zuckerberg is quoted as saying "If someone is pointing out a case where a vaccine caused harm or that they're worried about it - you know, that's a difficult thing to say from my perspective that you shouldn't be allowed to express at all."


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