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Calls for Papers for IFIP conference

Paul Brislen, Editor. 06 November 2017, 6:47 am

The International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) has issued calls for papers for two conferences to be held in September next year.

The first is for the inaugural Cross-domain IFIP Internet of Things (IoT) Conference  to be held in September 2018 in Poland.

"IoT is hot. Experts and organisations are addressing the topic in policy statements, papers and conferences. There are many aspects to be looked at when talking about IoT."

Earlier developments were quite focused on the lower level aspects such as interfacing, communication protocols and standards, base platforms, energy efficiency and energy harvesting, smart devices and smart sensors among others. 

With the exponential growth of the number of devices and sensors connected to Internet and their increasing levels of embedded intelligence, other relevant challenges emerge, including organisational structures, collaborative cyber-physical ecosystems, end-user development, self-organising systems, distributed decision making, collective adaptive and cognitive systems, behavioural models, systems resilience, handling big data, etc. 

The IFIP Internet of Things (IoT) Conference as part of the IFIP WCC 2018 addresses this wide variety of aspects. Papers will show technical advancements, research on major questions, policy issues, and so on. 

Perspectives will be from the people and organisations involved (users, ICT professionals, user organisations, ICT industry, authorities / regulators) but also from the phase of an IoT system or component (development, production / manufacturing, implementation, maintenance, management, use). 

And submissions are also invited to address the question of "ICT and Climate Change - What Can We Do?"

With the theme, "This Changes Everything", HCC13 will explore a broad range of issues and potential solutions relating to Climate Change and Sustainability. It is run by IFIP's Technical Committee 9 (TC9) which addresses the area of ICT and Society.

The last HCC conference, HCC12, created headlines around the world last year for its exploration of the topic of Technology and Intimacy. 

In 2018, HCC13 will take place as part of the IFIP World Computer Congress (WCC18), to be held from 17-21 September. All ITP Members are entitled to 10% discount for all events promoted by IFIP


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