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Techweek 21 is coming - time to lock-in and line up some great tech sessions

Peter Griffin, Contributor. 20 May 2021, 10:56 am

New Zealand's annual tech fest officially kicks off on Saturday, with a strong slate featuring hundreds of events across the country offering live in-person and virtual gatherings.

Last year's Techweek went virtual thanks to Covid-19 and was scaled back in comparison to the previous year. But the event still managed to vhost 308 online events and attract an online audience of 20,428 people.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 10.55.28 AM.png

Most of this year's events or free or ask for koha and the virtual or "hybrid" aspect of many events mean you can log in from anywhere.

The stated aim of the independently-run event is to shine a light on the fast-growing technology and innovation sectors by "providing the national ecosystem with a week-long opportunity for connection and collaboration".

I've always found Techweek sessions to be forthright, enlightening and entertaining and I'm sure this year will be no different. 

The Tech Week website allows you to set up a playlist of the events you plan on getting to. Here's what I've got lined up on my own playlist for the Techweek ahead.

TEDxAuckland (paid - hybrid)

Experience 15+ incredible talks & performances during an immersive, full day event offering diverse speakers & ideas with the potential to change the world. 

Saving the Planet at 400km an hour - The Eva Hakansson Story (free, on location)

Want to hear from the world's fastest female electric motorcycle rider? Join us and find out how sustainable tech can break world records.

Mohan Nair - The Innovator's Mind (free, hybrid)

Movac interviews Mohan Nair, Chief Innovator for Cambia Health, author and TED speaker.

Hyper focus - How to stay focused in an age of distraction! (free, hybrid)

In an age of distractions, learn how to become more focused at work and more present in your private life! 

2021 Beyond the lab: Callaghan Innovation's Research Showcase (free, on location)

The Callaghan Innovation Speaker Series featuring leading innovation experts.

What tech means for the future of work (paid, online)

Thought the way we work had transformed a lot since Covid? Well, there's a lot more to come. Come along and find out.

Raising from US VCs: Insights from the other side of the table (free, online)

Dip into the mindset of American VC and angel investors in 2021--and leave with tactics to engage more effectively from abroad.

The future of digital payments in NZ (free, hybrid)

Hear from experts from Westpac, Paymark, Akahu, and AWS as they discuss the future of payment innovation in NZ.

Jason Fried - Keeping It Simple (free, online)

Movac interviews Jason Fried Founder of Basecamp, best selling author and Ted speaker.

Deep Tech - Creating an economic boost for NZ (free, on-location)

Deep tech forms the nexus between science, high-value companies and sustainability. This dynamic opportunity is growing rapidly in NZ!



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