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Kordia’s bid to boost cyber skills

Peter Griffin, Editor. 14 September 2022, 5:02 pm

State-owned telecommunications and tech company Kordia is set to run its second Cyber Academy offering the chance to upskill in cyber security skills in a six-week intensive course.

It is the second year Kordia has run the programme, which features practical, hands-on training in cybersecurity delivered by some of the country’s top cybersecurity specialists.

“Students will learn best-practice from our experts, who detect and respond to actual cyber security alerts and events every day,” says Kordia Group CEO, Shaun Rendell.

“Gaining exposure to the operations that keep businesses safe from digital threats is excellent preparation for those looking to enter the workforce.”

The prospectus for Kordia Cyber Academy notes that the six-week course run in central Auckland consists of 18 hours, three days a week in-lab lesions and the possibility of industry placement on Thursdays and Fridays.

Kordia is offering scholarships covering the $3,600 tuition cost. Last year, 12 individuals went through Cyber Academy, which is “designed to build proficiency and experience across all major cyber security domains and technologies”.

“You learn something new every day, and meet skilled and like-minded people,” says Sumedha Mukherjee, a security analyst at Kordia who completed Cyber Academy in late 2021.

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 4.54.09 PM.png

Cyber Academy graduate and Kordia security analyst Sumedha Mukherjee

“I really enjoy the aspect of protecting businesses from cyber-attacks, and being able to work with a range of tools is what sets Kordia apart from the rest,” she adds.

Like most countries, New Zealand faces a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Exact estimates for the number of cybersecurity specialists needed aren’t available, but CyberCX, a cybersecurity firm that operates in Australia and New Zealand, reported earlier this week that Australia alone will face a shortfall of qualified cybersecurity professionals of up to 30,000 over the next four years.

It advocated more “cyber academy” style programmes to augment courses run by universities and polytech institutions to get more people trained and into the industry faster.

Rendell says the Kordia Academy isn’t just for students or young people.

“Many of Kordia’s cyber specialists have entered the industry from other careers – we have engineers, a former police officer, and even a chef within our ranks,” he says.

“The technology industry faces challenges around diversity, particularly gender balance,” he adds.

“At Kordia, we know that diversity is a strength when it comes to building high-performing teams. This is very true of the cyber security industry, where the ability to think differently is key when developing defensive strategies. We hope the academy will continue to bring a range of people from all walks of life into the industry.”

“Many of Kordia’s cyber specialists have entered the industry from other careers – we have engineers, a former police officer, and even a chef within our ranks.”

Applications for Kordia Cyber Academy are now open with the next course scheduled to start on November 1.

The selection process involves an online application and a one-on-one interview. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship offer along with further details on the course and timings.

Visit Kordia Cyber Academy for more details.


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