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AI Wrap 18 August

Victoria MacLennan. 18 August 2023, 8:25 am

Kia ora koutou and welcome to this weeks AI wrap. I wanted to try Jasper generative AI this time but needed to put in my credit card for a trial. So I moved onto Pretty easy to sign up, it tells you it’s scanning an article which is reassuring, I told it these paragraphic should be engaging which is over does at times eg: this article from OpenAI on their recent acquihire.

  • Breaking News! OpenAI is making waves once again with their latest announcement: they have acquired Global Illumination, and the possibilities it unlocks for the future of AI are truly remarkable. Get ready to be amazed as you dive into this fascinating article that unveils the exciting details behind OpenAI's acquisition. From enhancing AI research and development to pushing the boundaries of innovation, this partnership promises to revolutionize the field. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or simply curious about the latest advancements, you don't want to miss out on this game-changing collaboration. Brace yourself for a journey into the future of AI – click on the link to catch all the action!

Otherwise I found it pretty straightforward to use. It’s slower than ChatGPT and Bard, but still quicker than me writing all of this. Best feature is they offer an “improve” button, with ChatGPT you need to type the rewrite improve command, so that’s cool. However, I quickly hit their free trial word limit, so the first half of this is written with Copy.AI and the remainder with ChatGPT.

No matter how many times I asked ChatGPT to rewrite it always describes NZ as lush or breathtaking.

Have a read if the great articles below and let me know what you think of copy these apps have written. 

With Copy.AI

Advice on the use of Large Language Models and Generative AI in Healthcare" by Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand. This thought-provoking article explores the potential benefits and risks associated with these cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare industry.

TUI, the world's largest tour operator, has integrated a chatbot powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT in its app, allowing users to receive tailored holiday recommendations. The AI chatbot is meant to enhance human performance and not replace it, according to TUI. However, The Guardian's testing revealed that the chatbot is in its experimental stage, struggling to handle basic conversations. Discover more about TUI's groundbreaking AI initiative in the travel industry by visiting The Guardian's full article.

The New York Times has published an article on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the construction industry. From drones and cameras to mobile apps and robots, AI-powered tools are transforming how construction projects are completed. AI technology promises to provide builders and contractors with real-time progress tracking and data-driven insights, reducing project timelines and costs. The article highlights the challenges of incorporating AI in the construction industry, including accuracy and safety concerns. Read the full article to learn more about the possibilities of AI in construction and the real estate sectors.

Google's AI unit, DeepMind, is reportedly using generative AI to develop at least 21 life advice, planning, and tutoring tools. As examplained in a slide deck presented to executives, there are concerns for the negative effects on users' health, well-being, and personal agency. Despite concerns, Google plans to test the tools with Scale AI. Read more about this groundbreaking development in The New York Times.

With free ChatGPT

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation is taking place in the realm of agriculture. The rolling hills and verdant pastures provide the backdrop for a pioneering exploration into the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) within the country's red meat industry. As the world looks to technology for solutions, New Zealand stands at the forefront of embracing AI's boundless possibilities. In this article, we delve into the heart of this transformative journey, uncovering how AI is shaping the future of red meat production and presenting an unprecedented opportunity for both farmers and consumers alike.

Step into the future with Google's latest innovation: a fusion of artificial intelligence and web browsing in its Chrome browser. This groundbreaking integration promises to revolutionize how we interact with technology, offering personalized efficiency and a seamless blend of human intuition and machine intelligence. Explore how Google's venture into AI is reshaping our online landscape, setting the stage for a new era of digital experiences.

Step into the intriguing intersection of technology and human interaction as we unravel the recent twist involving Snapchat's AI chatbot. This incident sparks a deeper exploration into the boundaries of artificial intelligence and human oversight, urging us to rethink the dynamics of our digital connections. Join us on a journey through the story behind Snapchat's AI chatbot glitch and its profound implications for the way we engage online. Read more: [link to the article].

Could AI replace traditional acting roles? Join us in this article as we delve into the collision of AI and the performing arts, unraveling its potential impact on the entertainment industry's future.

Venturing into the lush landscapes of New Zealand, a groundbreaking endeavor is underway that could reshape the delicate balance of nature. Titled "Rodents Beware: AI Device Being Developed in NZ to Kill Invasive Species," this captivating article transports us to the forefront of innovation where cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship converge. Amidst the pristine beauty of New Zealand's wilderness, a remarkable AI-driven device is being crafted to combat invasive species, heralding a potential revolution in conservation efforts. Join us as we unravel the details of this ingenious undertaking, poised to safeguard biodiversity and redefine the fight against ecological threats. Read more: [link to the article].

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a pertinent question arises: Among the prominent AI players, which one boasts the highest reliability? The article titled "Which AI is Most Reliable: Meta, OpenAI, Anthropic, or Cohere?" delves into this query, offering a comprehensive analysis of leading AI entities. With Meta, OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cohere contending for the mantle of dependability, the article dissects their respective strengths and contributions in the landscape of AI advancement. Join us as we navigate this exploration, shedding light on the distinct attributes that shape the reliability of these formidable AI contenders. 

Prepare to witness a remarkable leap in the realm of artificial intelligence as former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, unveils an audacious endeavor. The article "Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Launch AI Science Moonshot" takes us into the future of technological innovation. With a visionary zeal, Schmidt is set to propel AI research to unprecedented heights, mirroring the ambition of a moonshot mission. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Schmidt's ambitious project, offering a glimpse into how his visionary leadership aims to reshape the frontiers of AI science. Read more: [link to the article].

Unlock the future of innovation with the article titled "21 Generative AI Startups to Watch According to Investors," available at "". Venture into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence as we spotlight the groundbreaking endeavors of 21 pioneering startups. Backed by the insights of investors, this article unveils a curated selection of startups that harness the power of generative AI, reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Join us as we explore these visionary ventures and gain a glimpse into the transformative potential of generative AI technologies.

Step into the heart of a legal and ethical debate in the digital age with the article titled "New York Times Considers Legal Action Against OpenAI as Copyright Tensions Swirl," available at "". This thought-provoking piece delves into the intricate intersection of copyright, artificial intelligence, and media, shedding light on the clash between traditional content ownership and technological innovation. As the New York Times contemplates legal action against OpenAI, we explore the implications, challenges, and broader implications of this copyright dispute. Join us as we navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property and AI, where the future of content creation and distribution hangs in the balance.

Delve into the captivating landscape where meta-artificial intelligence intertwines with the intricate realm of human movement, shedding light on novel avenues for performance enhancement and our understanding of physical capabilities. This insightful article delves into the transformative potential of Meta-AI biomechanics, highlighting its unique ability to emulate the movement patterns of young children and opening doors to innovations that harmoniously combine technology and human potential.

Using no Generative AI a short list of other articles: 

More on FraudGPT

Amazing is using AI tech to summarise product reviews

Apparently ChatGPT sounds smarter than it is (I would beg to differ reading the copy above) 

More on the $900k AI job market (if you are a WSJ subscriber only sorry)

An American Poll on how people feel about artificial intelligence. One insight worth highlighting “Those polled prefer federal AI regulation over self-regulation by tech companies, with 82% saying they don't trust tech executives to regulate AI.” 

Interesting article on the Economics of AI



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