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The changing face of the telco industry

Paul Brislen. 15 September 2021, 5:24 pm

The telco industry has come a long way since Teresa Gattung owned up to the fact the industry used "confusion as a marketing tool".

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Let's talk copper

Paul Brislen. 30 August 2021, 11:06 am

There seems to be some confusion about copper lines and how they work, not to mention why we're moving away from them to newer technology, so I thought I'd have a go at explaining it all.

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Battening down the hatches

Paul Brislen. 18 August 2021, 3:17 pm

As we wait for news of the potential outbreak in Auckland, I can't help but think about what lockdown life would be like without fibre to the home and the ability to work remotely.

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Brislen on Tech: 10 Print 'Hello World'

Paul Brislen. 30 July 2021, 5:43 pm

In which our plucky editor bids adieu as he rides off into the sunset.

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Tokyo Olympics 2020: the Sky is the limit?

Paul Brislen. 26 July 2021, 7:44 am

The Olympics are on, controversially, but unlike in previous years it's actually pretty easy to watch them online. What has happened to the Sky TV of old? Thankfully, something good.

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Brislen on Tech: The fifth horseman might have wings

Paul Brislen. 23 July 2021, 1:54 pm

The new battleground appears to be a digital one, with nations fighting nations in a covert war for our bits. But sometimes this spills over into the real world and now we learn that one company is he…

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"Position of vulnerability"

Paul Brislen. 21 July 2021, 10:54 am

China has rejected claims it is behind a series of cyber-attacks and calls the accusations a "malicious smear". All of which leaves New Zealand somewhat exposed.

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TCF appoints Paul Brislen as new CEO

Paul Brislen. 19 July 2021, 3:13 pm

There's a new sheriff in town... well, nearly.

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Brislen on Tech: Kaseya is here - what comes next?

Paul Brislen. 09 July 2021, 2:00 pm

The latest ransomware attack has left thousands of businesses offline and demands for US$70 million are being made.

So how do you get ready for the next attack?

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Talent shortage bites deep: have your say

Paul Brislen. 07 July 2021, 10:53 am

The skills shortage has been a problem for the past 20-odd years, waxing and waning over time as new technologies push others out of the picture. But now, with COVID closing our borders, NZTech is hop…

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Brislen on Tech: Microsoft rolls the dice

Paul Brislen. 02 July 2021, 4:06 pm

Microsoft has lifted the lid on its new OS - Windows 11 - and promises a brighter world by letting users run Android apps.

Will that be enough to stem the flow of users to non-Windows operating sy…

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