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Nominations open for ITP Branch Committees and National Board

ITP Staff. 11 May 2018, 4:12 pm

Are you keen to make a difference to the tech community in your area?

ITP today called for nominations for ITP's Branch Committees in most areas, with nominations being received from now. If 2018 is the year you want to make a difference to the IT community in your area, or you know someone else that does, this is your chance - don't let it slip by.

Please see "How to Nominate" below for nomination details.


What are Branch Committees?

The ITP Branch Committees are the lifeblood of local representation of the IT Profession and we need the best people involved.

The role of Branch Committees is diverse including such things as:

  • Representing ITP and the IT Profession to local industry and others, and being the local liaison to the Institute
  • Coordinating and assisting with local and national ITP events
  • Promoting and advancing ITP activities and initiatives
  • Raising awareness of ITP as an organisation - who we are and what we do  

In short, the Branch Committees are the "go-to" people on the ground across the country and the front line for ITP and the profession. Good committees are made up of a strong mix of people including those well connected to different communities, those with drive, those with good organisational skills, and those keen to pull up sleeves and put a little effort into something they believe in.

Time commitments aren't strenuous for most roles - in most cases just a couple of hours a month plus helping out at ITP events, with Branch Chairs and National Board members putting in a little more. Volunteering on Branch Committees is a great way to "give a little back" to the sector, and looks great on your CV.

You can find out more about the role of Branch Committees in this document [PDF].


National Board elections

The ITP National Board is the overall nationwide governance body for ITP, and election for vacant positions will occur at the same time as Branch Committee elections.

The Board is now elected from the membership at large rather than one position per branch as previously. However one Board Member must be from each of the three regions that cover all of New Zealand (Northern, Central and Southern).


Who is Eligible?

According to the ITP Constitution and Bylaws:

  • ALL members of all grades may nominate individuals for Branch Committees and National Board roles
  • Associate Members, Full Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows may be nominated to Branch Committees
  • Full Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows may be nominated to be National Board members
  • Full Members and Fellows may vote in elections

Note that eligibility for membership grades is outlined here. It is free to apply to change membership grades, and ITP will endeavour to process any changes promptly where necessary for an individual to stand for a position.


The Process

The Nomination process is simple:

  • Any eligible member may be nominated to their Branch Committee or for the National Board roles (see "How to Nominate" below)
  • ITP will contact nominated members to ascertain eligibility, willingness, and give them an opportunity to put forward a brief statement (bio) and photo if they so wish
  • Where there are more nominations than positions, an electronic vote will take place with all eligible members (see above) given the opportunity to vote in their area
  • The voting period will close, and results will be scrutinised
  • The result will be declared at the ITP Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2018.


How to Nominate

Nominations should:

  • Be made via email to [email protected]
  • Include the name of the person being nominated
  • Include the position they are being nominated to (Branch Committee Member and/or National Board member)
  • Include the specific Branch Committee being nominated to (if for a Branch Committee)
  • Be received before 5pm, Friday 25 May 2018

Please nominate early. While nominations are open until 25 May, we ask that you nominate individuals as early as possible to allow those nominated the maximum amount of time to prepare their Statement.

Following Nomination, ITP will contact those nominated directly to seek confirmation of their willingness to be nominated, plus other information.

Members may nominate themselves or others, and nominations do not need to be seconded (all nominations will technically be seconded by the Secretary once eligibility and willingness is determined).

Note that all nominations will be acknowledged by email. If you don't receive an acknowledgement, please contact ITP without delay. Late nominations cannot be accepted.


Timeline for Process

The following timeline will be used for elections:

  • 11 May 2018: Nominations Open
  • 25 May 2018 (5pm): Nominations Close
  • 1 June 2018: Voting Opens
  • 15 June 2018 (5pm): Voting Closes
  • 28 June 2018: Results declared at ITP Annual General Meeting


Positions Available

ITP operates staggered elections with positions being held for two years and around half of committee positions being up for re-election each year. The following positions are being elected through this process:


Branch Committees

Some committee members are mid-term, so the following positions are up for election:

  • Auckland Branch (4 positions)
  • Wellington Branch (6 positions)
  • Christchurch Branch (5 positions)
  • Dunedin Branch (4 positions)
  • Hamilton Branch (4 positions)
  • Tauranga Branch (6 positions)
  • Palmerston North Branch (5 positions)
  • Nelson Branch (5 positions)

Note that where there are more than 4 people elected, some may be appointed for 1 year rather than 2 to retain the proportion of around half of the committee being elected each year. In these cases, those appointed for 1 year terms will be selected at random.


ITP National Board

Up to Five (5) National Board positions are being elected by the membership at large, with at least 1 each being from the Central Region (North Island, south of Taupo) and Southern Region (South Island) respectively.

One National Board member (Blair Morgan, Central Region) is mid-term and not up for election. All current incumbent Board members are eligible for re-election. The President and Deputy President are appointed by the Board.


Further Information

You can find out more about the role of Branch Committees in this document [PDF].

For more information, please contact Paul Matthews, ITP CEO and Secretary, at [email protected]


Branch Committees are an essential part of ITP, and serving on one is a great opportunity to give a little back to the tech community in your area - and have a lot of fun along the way.

I hope you will consider becoming involved, and remember: Nominations close 5pm on 25 May 2018.


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