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Keen to talk at ITx 2018?

ITP Staff. 21 February 2018, 3:38 pm

The Call for Papers for ITx 2018 closes this Friday 23 February.

Check out the Call for Papers page on the ITx website for more info.

What is ITx 2018?

ITx 2018 is New Zealand's Technology Mega-Conference - a huge collaborative conference with 13 tech conferences under one roof, run by ITP in partnership with 12 other tech groups. Calls for papers/presentations are currently open for the ITP 2018 conference (run by IT Professionals NZ), CITRENZ 2018 and the itSMF 2018 conference - all component conferences of ITx.

The ITP 2018 national conference, as part of ITx, will bring together leading thinkers from the profession, the top ICT companies, the user community, academia, plus research and government institutions to explore innovating our way to the future. This is a must attend event for tech people from industry, government and education.

The conference will be held in July, and we really want you to consider speaking at ITx.

The Call for Papers/Presentations

The CFP process is for those interested in speaking at ITx, and we just need a short brief/synopsis of what you would like to talk about. The papers/presentations for the ITP conference are being organised around the following major themes, but any presentation of interest to the IT community would tie in nicely:

  • Current and future tech trends
  • Innovation and Research
  • Technology and Education
  • Professional practice*
  • Technical
  • General interest (i.e. everything else of interest to IT professionals)

Check out the Call for Papers page on the ITx website for more info and to submit your presentation idea.

ITx 2018 runs from 11-13 July 2018. We hope to see you there.


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