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D5 session to kick off next month

ITP Staff. 30 January 2018, 7:14 am

The D5 group of national "digital leaders" will meet next month in Auckland to "share best practices and key learnings, collaborate on common projects and help each other become even better digital governments faster and more efficiently."

New Zealand, along with the UK, Estonia, Israel and South Korea, make up the grouping which aims to promote digital technology and transformation among government services around the world.

The meeting encompasses the Digital Nations Conference, a two-day affair that looks at how government services will be delivered by 2030, focusing in particular on education and workforce, health, society, productive sectors and finance.

That's followed by a showcase of digital government initiatives from around the group. A ministerial meeting takes place at the same time in Wellington.

This will be the fourth D5 meeting, and the first time New Zealand has hosted the event and is expected to be the launch pad for the government's newly appointed Chief Technology Officer.


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David Lane 30 January 2018, 10:49 am

Has the gov't provided any tangible evidence of work done to achieve the lofty goals of the D5 Charter? So far, I've only heard it mentioned in terms of international junkets and local meetings. In the IT world, evidence of effort is running code... is there any evidence here?

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