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Consultation opens on draft Cybersecurity and Software Testing qualifications

ITP Staff. 30 August 2017, 1:58 pm

NZQA National Qualifications service and IT Professionals New Zealand, as co-developers of sub-degree IT and computing qualifications in New Zealand, invites feedback by Thursday 28 September 2017 on the draft cybersecurity and software testing qualifications proposed to be added to the suite of current computing and IT qualifications. 

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Significant industry consultation has been undertaken to ascertain whether there is genuine industry demand for specialised qualifications in the areas of Software Testing and Information Security.

The draft qualifications have been developed by expert working groups, and we are seeking your feedback on the drafts before they are prepared for submission for'approval to develop'.

The co-leads invite you to consider the consultation document which includes detail on each of the proposed qualifications and complete a consultation response to share your view.  Alternatively, general comments or more detailed submissions on the draft qualifications may be emailed to [email protected].

Feedback on the draft qualifications will be considered prior to submitting the draft qualifications for 'approval to develop'.  Further development work to refine the drafts will be undertaken in the next stage following feedback from evaluators.

Previous consultation on need for qualifications, and work groups developing qualifications

We thank all who took the time to provide feedback to the June 2017 consultation on the need for the proposed new qualifications; to all members of the working groups tasked with developing the draft qualifications, and the e-support network for providing input on the drafts during the development process.

A brief summary of key themes and changes resulting from the June consultation feedback is included in the consultation document on the proposed addition of cybersecurity and software testing qualifications, which we are now seeking your feedback on.  

Engaging with the review

The review team is keen to provide as much opportunity as possible for all stakeholders to engage and be kept informed as the review progresses, and further information will be published when available.

It would be helpful if you forwarded this message to those in your networks that you think may be interested.  We are keen to have as many people as possible know of this review, receive the invitation to be involved, and thus contribute if they wish.  They can follow this link and sign up to be included in future communications about the review.

As an important stakeholder, we welcome your advice and support.  However, if you wish to be removed from the consultation list, please let us now by clicking 'unsubscribe from this list' or email us.

If you wish to make contact regarding the ICT qualifications review or for further information, please contact Diana Garrett at email [email protected].

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your feedback and working with you as the review progresses.


Thanks and kind regards

Paul Matthews CEO ITP NZ and Diana Garrett NZQA NQS


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