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Tech Community's feedback on Digital Strategy

ITP Team. 12 November 2021, 3:46 pm

The five main tech representative bodies produced a joint submission on the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa this week, calling for strong ambition for New Zealand's digital future.

While supporting the structure of the priority "pillars" of Mahi Tika, Mahi Tahi and Mahi Ake (Trust, Inclusion and Growth), the groups called for greater ambition, grounding in Aotearoa, and a good framework of governance and accountability.


  • Greater ambition and audacious goals
  • A commitment to significant and effective change, and
  • Diversification of the economy

Grounded in Aotearoa

  • Embodying te Tiriti and concepts such as Matauranga Māori given weight
  • Opportunities for all New Zealanders
  • Sovereignty a focus, so New Zealanders can retain control of data and destinies, and
  • Embracing the unique environment of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Governance and Accountability

  • We want to see the resultant strategy actually mean something, and have a structure that maximises the chance of it making a change.
  • An external Governance Group of industry + community supporting it
  • A focus on outcomes and results, and how we measure them
  • Cross-ministerial commitment, to ensure it happens!

The associations making this joint submission were IT Professionals NZ, NZRise, TUANZ, InternetNZ and NZTech.

You can view the full submission here.


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