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Intervention - How to help when resilience fails

Heather Grace. 05 March 2018, 6:48 am
Intervention - How to help when resilience fails

In the previous article about Resilience, we looked at what happens when people don't have the tools or ability to bounce back from set-backs in life. It was probably a bit depressing to read about how we can make life worse for ourselves by the way we respond when things go wrong in our lives.

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Without Resilience - We Fail

Heather Grace. 26 February 2018, 7:48 am
Without Resilience - We Fail

We all know what resilience is. The ability to bounce back, overcome set-backs, deal with stress, self-calm, self-care, keep calm and carry on. What happens when you don't have those skills? What happens if you have some big hairy ugly thing happen to you in life and you feel you don't have the strength to bounce back?

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Building Resilience by Making Choices

Heather Grace. 23 February 2018, 5:00 am
Building Resilience by Making Choices

If we build resilience in others, we will not need so many ambulances at the bottom of the cliff. So how do we do that in a team environment?

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Resilience Skills are Vital to Your Success

Heather Grace. 02 February 2018, 9:03 am

Have you ever felt kicked in the teeth? Rejected? Unappreciated? Let down? Criticised unfairly? Disappointed? Actually, the question should be "how often does this happen to you?" - because it does ha…

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Learning from Looking Backwards

Heather Grace. 25 May 2017, 7:17 am

In our fast-paced world, new technology is leap-frogging old technology and everyone is trying to guess what the next great thing will be. So yes, it is important to keep looking forward and planning …

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Having a Service Mentality

Heather Grace. 22 May 2017, 6:57 am

Being "of service" to others - what does that mean? Many people talk about giving good "customer service" and think it is simply doing business with a smile. Being "of service" goes way beyond that. H…

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IT support people - more than just fixing things that break

Heather Grace. 29 March 2017, 6:59 am

Have you tried turning it off and back on again? IT support people are about more than just break-fix: they can be an invaluable agent for technological development in your business.

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How to be a Highly Valued Employee

Heather Grace. 21 March 2017, 7:19 am

If you would like to be a more highly valued employee and reap the rewards of that (get promoted, earn more money, help your organisation be more successful) please read on.

Many years ago, back in…

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People Disrupt Processes: Adopt a "No Dickheads" Policy

Heather Grace. 15 March 2017, 6:58 am

Talent is not everything. Our sports teams have found this out the hard way. Some of our national teams, now have a "No Dickheads" policy.

What do we mean by a "Dickhead" and how do you spot one?

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Successful Managers are Great Communicators and More

Heather Grace. 13 March 2017, 7:06 am

What does it take to be a successful manager? Great communication skills will be a good start - in fact, this is vital. Setting a good example may be useful, but there are pitfalls with this approach.…

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Are you a Mozart or a Beethoven and why It matters

Heather Grace. 20 February 2017, 7:00 am

Are you a Mozart or a Beethoven?

There is a significant difference in how people go about creating something new. Understanding this will help you understand yourself, and others, a whole lot bett…

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