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About Techblog

TechBlog was created by the IT Professionals to create a home for the latest news, views and other information about Information Technology and the IT industry in New Zealand.

TechBlog is unique because:

  1. It unashamedly focuses only on what's happening within, and of interest to, the IT profession;
  2. It has a professional editor in Bill Bennett, with extensive tech journalism experience;
  3. It is written by IT people, for IT people. TechBlog is collaboratively produced and has many authors from across the tech sector;
  4. As well as editors and regular contributors, it includes very frequent articles and opinions from key leaders in all areas of IT, from government Ministers through to those at the coalface;
  5. It is also sent in a weekly digest form (called Newsline) to many thousands of IT Professionals across New Zealand;
  6. It is operated by the Institute of IT Professionals, New Zealand's independent professional body for those working and studying in IT.

TechBlog is produced by:

Simon Eskow

Simon Eskow (editor)

With 20 years experience as a journalist and editor, Simon has been editor for Reseller News and a contributor to Unlimited and many other tech-related publications.

Simon Eskow on LinkedIn

A huge list of people contribute to TechBlog and Newsline. If you're interested in contributing either regularly or on a one-off basis, drop a note to

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