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IITP and NZQA seek input on proposed ICT qualifications

IITP and NZQA. 31 July 2014, 7:54 pm

The Institute of IT Professionals and the NZQA National Qualifications Services have released the final consultation on proposed, new ICT qualifications at NZQF Levels 1-6. This consultation closes at 5pm on Thursday 21 August 2014.

You can download the consultation document here.

All non-University qualifications at NZQF Levels 1-6 (Diplomas and Certificates) are being reviewed and replaced by a new coherent landscape of qualifications more closely aligned with industry needs. If approved, this will see more than 200 qualifications replaced by the proposed 14 new ones.

The qualifications released in this consultation are the result of over a year's work by the review co-leads IITP and NZQA NQS, the Steering Group (made up of representatives of the IT industry and profession, tertiary providers, NZQA, secondary Digital Technologies teachers and other stakeholders), and Working Groups of many subject experts. It also comes after 3 prior rounds of consultation and hundreds of companies, providers and individuals providing input.

The qualifications being released today for final consultation are those the Review Steering Group proposes to submit to NZQA for 'Approval to List'. All consultation responses will be considered in detail and modifications made accordingly, before the final qualifications are submitted in September. The hope and understanding is that, once approved, some institutions will deliver programmes leading to the new qualifications from 2015.

We need your help.

This is our final chance to ensure we have these right. Once approved the ICT qualifications will be not be scheduled for review for three years (although there is scope to look at the landscape annually).

We really appreciate the time and effort put in by many individuals and organisations during the development process and previous rounds of consultation. However this final consultation is hugely important and we hope you're once again able to find the time to consider the draft qualifications and provide your feedback by 21 August 2014.

The consultation document is available here. Please see the NZQA ICT Qualifications Review page for full details of the consultation, including the full versions of the 14 proposed qualifications.


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