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Multicore World 2014 17 January 2014, 3:17 pm

Many people are completely unaware of how much their life is underpinned by multicore technologies says Nicolás Erdödy.

"From modern smart-phones to laptops and cloud computing, this many cores on one chip architecture is what enables all of these consumer-centric devices," says the Multicore World 2014 organiser. It takes place at the Auckland University of Technology new conference centre next February 25 & 26.

"Without the power of modern computers and servers, or the programming that runs them, none of the products, services and developments that we take for granted would look half as impressive as they do."

"Multicore computing really is what makes such spectacular power tick."

Erdödy says that New Zealand's IT community could link its ingenuity to multicore, and along with high-speed internet grab an opportunity to expand and diversify the economy.

This is because the software development required for multicore computers hasn't kept pace with the hardware.

"New Zealand could, if it thought and acted strategically, position itself as a niche participant in creating solutions for global businesses."

Open Parallel, Erdödy's parallel programming company is presently doing this as the sole Kiwi company leading a work package, named Software Development Environment for the Central Signal Processor, for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) pan-country initiative to collaboratively monitor the universe through radio astronomy.

Erdödy says Multicore World 2014 will be an opportunity for New Zealand IT leaders to hear speakers from all over the world, and be part of a wider debate of how and when multicore-oriented competence and services will be incorporated into their own businesses.

Early bird tickets are now available for what is the third consecutive annual Multicore World 2014, and can be purchased at There is also more information on the speakers and programme available at the site.

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Nicolas Erdody 29 January 2014, 7:39 am

Schedule released now

Full speakers list with abstracts is here

Nicolas Erdody 29 January 2014, 7:41 am

The biggest ICT project in history to be discussed at Multicore World 2014 - NZ Herald

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