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Introducing... New NZCS Insurance Package

Kirsty Young. 30 November -0001, 12:00 am
Introducing... New NZCS Insurance Package

We're very proud to announce the launch of an unprecedented NEW Technology Liability Insurance for IT Contractors and small companies, available now and exclusively to NZCS members and Corporate Partners.

insurance quick facts

When you're a contractor or running your own business, insurance has to be as simple and straightforward as possible and the new NZCS Liability Programme range is just that.

With the NZCS programme, as you grow your policy grows with you with a multitude of flexible options. Now you have the freedom to choose the level and type of cover you want at an absolutely unprecedented cost.

There's now absolutely no reason for a contractor or small IT Consultancy to risk their livelihood by not having adequate professional indemnity cover.

Find out more.

The NZCS Liability Package

The Society's Technology Insurance Package is designed to meet the needs of IT Contractors and small companies alike, and contains the following components:

  1. Professional Indemnity (Covering errors and omissions in advice or work)
  2. Public Liability (Accidental injury or property damage)
  3. Statutory Liability (Defending against breach of statute, legislation, or act of parliament)

The NZCS package also covers work outside New Zealand - everywhere except USA and Canada.

So what does it cost?

Cost depends on a number of factors, but will generally be from $395+GST for $1M of cover for NZCS members, or from $295+GST for those with ITCP Certification (with a turnover up to $250k per year - more options and information on the page below).

Full details at

Thinking about ITCP Certification?

Those with ITCP Certification have been independently accredited as possessing the skills, knowledge, education and experience expected of senior IT professionals. They know their stuff and have a track record of getting results.

The consequence is they also pose a lesser risk for insurers meaning we're able to offer an even greater discount through this policy for ITCP Certified Professionals - from just $295+GST per year.

Find out more about ITCP Certification at

Eligibility for the Technology Liability Package

Any individual (or via their own company) that is a Member or Corporate Partner of the NZCS that performs an IT role whether it be directly to a client or through a recruitment agency and that has no more than five staff and/or Directors.

Only NZCS members are eligible for the package, no exceptions. Corporate Partners are also eligible if they meet the same turnover and staff requirements.

Members and Corporate Partners exceeding the maximum turnover or with more than 5 Staff or Directors are more than welcome to inquire about the Corporate Technology Liability Package, including a 10% NZCS discount off the quoted premium.

What if you were part of the previous group policy?

You'll need to decide whether to transfer to the new highly discounted group policy or continue with the old policy.

The new NZCS policy includes free retroactive cover, meaning that in most circumstances claims that emerge now from previous work are covered. It's also broader and has considerably lower premiums and excesses than the old policy. The old policy remains in place. While that provider is now offering a one-off $100 discount on the previous premiums (which appear to be between $600 and $900+GST), this still appears to be significantly higher than the new package.

The new programme is recommended and endorsed by NZCS. Transferring is easy - simply download and return the transfer form to i2i Insurance.

More info

Full details, including a link to apply instantly online, at



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