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AI wrap Friday September 22nd

Victoria MacLennan. 22 September 2023, 1:06 pm

Kia ora koutou, welcome to our AI wrap for Friday 22nd September. First up some of the more interesting news this week. 

Study into effects of AI on knowledge worker productivity and quality. I have only read the abstract of this study but really interesting to see the productivity and quality improvements gained by using AI in consulting roles. Researchers who conducted the study included social scientists from Harvard, MIT, and Warwick University, as well as researchers from BCG.
“For each one of a set of 18 realistic consulting tasks within the frontier of AI capabilities, consultants using AI were significantly more productive (they completed 12.2% more tasks on average, and completed task 25.1% more quickly), and produced significantly higher quality results (more than 40% higher quality compared to a control group).”
Insights from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) specifically are also held in this interesting article.

Survey on use of ChatGPT, teachers and students. This is fascinating insight from a survey on use of ChatGPT by teachers and students. This survey was conducted by the Walton Family Foundation in the USA. 
“Within two months of its introduction, a 51% majority of teachers reported using ChatGPT, with 40% using it at least once a week, and 53% expecting to use it more this year. Just 22% of students said they use the technology on a weekly basis or more.”

Microsoft researchers accidentally expose 38TB of private data. A fairly technical post which explains how this came about.

How to learn about Generative AI 

I asked ChatGPT to write a short introduction paragraph on each of the articles below. 

From the UK 

1. "New Advisory Service to Help Businesses Launch AI and Digital Innovations"
* Introduction: Discover how the UK government is supporting businesses in their AI and digital innovation endeavors. This article outlines a new advisory service aimed at guiding companies through the process of leveraging AI for growth.

2. "News Corp's AI Chat: A Conversation with GPT Stories"
* Introduction: The Guardian dives into News Corp's AI-powered chat platform, which leverages GPT technology to engage with readers. Explore how this innovative approach is reshaping the way news is delivered and interacted with.

3. "AI-Focused Tech Firms Locked in a Race to the Bottom, Warns MIT Professor"
* Introduction: A MIT professor raises concerns about AI-focused tech firms engaging in a "race to the bottom." Dive into this article to understand the potential consequences of aggressive AI competition in the industry.

4. "AI's Role in Monitoring Climate Change: The UK's Contribution"
* Introduction: AI is playing a vital role in monitoring and addressing climate change. The BBC explores how UK researchers are utilizing AI technology to track environmental changes and their impact on the planet.

5. "AI in Healthcare: Unlocking the Potential"
* Introduction: The BBC investigates the transformative power of AI in healthcare, from diagnosing diseases to improving patient care. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the UK's healthcare system.

6. "AI Cloning of Stephen Fry's Voice Shocks Audiences"
* Introduction: Stephen Fry's voice is iconic, but AI technology has cloned it for a documentary, sparking shock and conversation. The Guardian covers this intriguing development and its implications for voice technology.

From Australia

1. "How the Australian Media Is Grappling with AI"
* Introduction: Discover how the Australian media landscape is evolving in response to the growing influence of AI. This article from The Age explores the challenges and opportunities that AI presents to the media industry.

2. "Maggot-Ridden Mind Mould: Murdoch Lieutenant's AI Warning"
* Introduction: Delve into a unique perspective on AI in this article from The Age. A high-ranking figure in the media industry, often associated with Rupert Murdoch, shares his thoughts on AI's potential impact, described as a "maggot-ridden mind mould."

3. "AI Cover Letters and Job Applications: The AI Revolution in Australia"
* Introduction: AI is not just changing industries; it's also transforming the job market. Explore how more Australians are using AI in cover letters and job applications, revolutionizing the way job seekers make their first impressions.

4. "AI in Education: A Growing Presence Requiring More Research"
* Introduction: AI's role in education is expanding, but it also raises important questions. University bodies in Australia emphasize the need for more research to better understand the impact of AI in educational settings.

5. "AI Warnings and Dangers: Insights from Andrew Leigh and the McKell Institute"
* Introduction: AI's rapid advancement has led to discussions about its potential dangers. Andrew Leigh and the McKell Institute share their insights on the warnings and challenges posed by artificial intelligence.

Other interesting things

1. "Augment: The AI Virtual Assistant That Sounds Just Like You"
* Summary: Imagine having a virtual assistant that sounds just like you. Augment is making this a reality, allowing users to train AI to mimic their voice and style. Explore the potential of this technology and its implications for personalization and accessibility.

2. "Global AI Investment: Which Country Leads in AI Startups?"
* Summary: The global AI landscape is thriving, with startups at the forefront of innovation. This article breaks down the countries with the most AI startups, providing valuable insights into the geographic distribution of AI innovation.

3. "Dall-E3: Exploring the Latest from OpenAI's Creative AI"
* Summary: OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of AI creativity with Dall-E3. Discover the latest capabilities of this AI model, which generates images from textual descriptions, and how it's being applied in various industries.

4. "Amazon Brings Generative AI to Alexa: A Game-Changer for Voice Assistants"
* Summary: Amazon is integrating generative AI into Alexa, promising a more personalized and conversational experience. Learn how this advancement in voice technology could reshape the way we interact with virtual assistants.

5. "Machine Learning in Product Management: A Strategic Guide"
* Summary: Product managers are increasingly harnessing the power of machine learning. This article offers a strategic guide to understanding how ML can transform product development, enhance user experiences, and drive innovation.

6. "AI in Education: San Francisco Teachers Embrace New Teaching Tools"
* Summary: San Francisco teachers are embracing AI to enhance their teaching methods. Explore how educators are leveraging AI to provide personalized learning experiences and address the unique needs of their students.

7. "Is Big Tech Ruining the Dream of AI? A Critical Perspective"
* Summary: As AI becomes increasingly dominated by big tech companies, questions about its impact on innovation and ethics arise. Dive into this critical perspective on how corporate control may be shaping the future of AI.

8. "Generative AI for Healthcare: A Promising Perspective"
* Summary: AI is making significant strides in healthcare, and this article explores the promise of generative AI in the medical field. Learn how AI is aiding diagnostics, drug discovery, and patient care.

9. "Google Bard: New Features and Updates in September 2023"
* Summary: Google Bard, the AI-driven content generation tool, has received a significant update. Discover the new features and improvements that are shaping the way we create and consume online content.


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