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How to be an Effective CIO

Simon Lloyd-Evans. 26 August 2022, 11:22 am

We are once again running our highly successful Effective CIO course. This course is not technical, it's all about the business.

"This is an excellent course. It is especially useful in guiding you with the softer skills of leadership and people management; taught by industry leaders but augmented by the collegial support of peers who shared the highs and lows of their experiences."

Past students have used the methods and tools learnt in this course to engage meaningfully with senior leadership, communicate the strategic value of investing in ICT, and develop ICT solutions to help their businesses develop new markets. Several have gained valuable promotions they attribute, at least in part, to this course.

This course is for emerging ICT leaders who are:

  • People looking to develop their ICT management skills
  • People wanting to develop their strategic analysis, negotiation and communication skills
  • People wishing to develop their persuasion skills with Executive and Board

Course Structure

Over ten weeks, you will work individually and within teams to develop leadership-focused insight and thinking. This course is not technical, it's all about the business.

Starting with a face-to-face group kick-off (in Wellington this time), and culminating in a presentation to a panel of CIOs, this course gives you the methods and tools to develop into an effective CIO.

Five presenters will coach you through the course in online sessions. These will be held every second week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 2-5pm.

The facilitator, and a presenter, is Simon Lloyd-Evans (an experienced consulting CIO with Arben), along with David Spaziani (a Senior Executive Partner for Gartner), Cherri Holland (a Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation), Ferdinand Hagethorn (a Cyber Security Specialist for Planit Testing) and Murray Wills (an experienced consulting CIO with Maxsys).

"Simon consolidates complex topics down to consumable ‘bites’ of knowledge, and he has so much of this to offer. His approach is relaxed and accommodating where ‘any question is reasonable’; I found this an excellent way to engage with the content."

Dates and Registration

Early bird pricing is open for the first eight attendees, get in quick.

Course Dates: 21 September to 7 December 2022

Follow this link to sign up


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