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How do we feel?

Victoria MacLennan. 19 December 2022, 12:37 pm

How do we feel?

Attitudes of the digital technology workforce

Welcome to the 2022 How do we feel survey. This survey will be released as a series of small surveys on a range of topics every fortnight between now - August - and the end of the year.  

This post serves as an explainer to accompany the surveys so you can understand what it’s all about, why we are doing this and what to expect out the other end.  

Really importantly - this survey is all anonymous, we won’t ask for your contact or other personal details and will release all results in aggregate. We are asking everyone who completes one or more of the small topic-based surveys to also complete a short set of questions on your demographics - again anonymously - so we can gain some addition insight into who works in digital technology roles.  

Why this survey now?  

We are in really strange and interesting times. 2 years of Covid lockdowns and now the flow on effect into 2022 of a tight labour market, skill shortages, high levels of illness and employers grappling with how to best support and retain staff in these Covid (or post Covid) times.  

On top of all this the media have been bombarding us with messaging that there may be a mass exodus of us overseas, businesses (including our favourite cafes) in our central business districts are closing down, some of us are working remotely all the time now and others are returning to our offices.  

Personally, I speak to hundreds of people a month and hear first-hand stories on how they feel about a range of topics at the moment, so it feels like the perfect time for us to all get on the same page, understand how we as a workforce are feeling about a range of things now in 2022.

Who should complete these surveys? 

This survey is open to anyone who identifies as a digital technology worker. That means you have a digital role or a technology role. You might work for a government department, a logistics firm, for a retail business, a software as a service startup, a creative agency, for a data services company or a hardware manufacturer.  

If your role is a digital and/or technology one then we would love your voice to be included in this dataset.  

What are we going to do with the insights? 

Each small topic survey will be released fortnightly, we will release results of these after they are open for 2 weeks with general trends so you can see the results.

Then we will undertake some analysis on the entire results set over the December / January period and release a bigger report on How we all feel.  

Personally I am really excited about this, data is my jam and presenting insights in a manner we can easily consume and use is really important. I am also excited for the opportunity to understand more about our collective sentiment at present.  

Why are IT Professionals doing this?  

IT Professionals is focused on the capability of the digital technology workforce. This means we focus on bringing new people into the industry, reskilling and up skilling, supporting our workforce in their careers, how the education system supports digital technology and much more.  
We spend a great deal of time working with employers, the government and education system supporting improving the environment and growth of our industry. Surveys like this provide us with insights we can leverage when making a case for change.  

Individual Survey Links

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Demographics -

Our Current Jobs -

Our stress levels -

2022 in review, and looking ahead to 2023 -

Education and training -

Thank you for your support and completing our surveys. Reminder all data is anonymized. Ngā mihi Vic and the ITP team.  


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