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600 tech border exceptions now available

Paul Matthews. 18 February 2022, 12:00 pm


The process to apply for the 600 border exceptions for tech workers is now underway, and businesses can apply for an industry nomination now.

These roles are critical to accelerate access to much needed skills by the fast growing tech sector and businesses across the economy.

The border exception is available for specific roles that are in the highest demand, including software developers, security specialists, ICT managers and multimedia specialists.  There are multiple sub-roles or job titles which fall within these broader role categories and more information can be found on the nomination application page.

Given the need to balance immigration and domestic skills development, employers seeking industry nomination are expected to be engaged in a programme to support domestic skills development and are working together as a member of a relevant industry body. It is important the industry demonstrates it is serious about ensuring a growing pipeline of local talent into the sector alongside immigration.

Companies, the role being offered and the worker must meet certain requirements and industry expectations which are detailed in the nomination guide, available at

Organisations wishing to apply for a border exception must check the eligibility of the role - is it an approved role and does it meet minimum salary requirements. The company then applies for an Industry Nomination which will be checked and validated by the team at IT Professionals NZ.

If the application meets the requirements and expectations, the company will receive an industry nomination which will then be placed on an approved nomination list that will be provided to Immigration NZ.

The nominated employer then completes a Request for Travel with Immigration NZ. If the request is approved, Immigration NZ will issue an Invitation to Apply and the worker will be eligible to apply for the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa to come and work in New Zealand through the Other Critical Worker Border Exception.

Importantly, successful applicants through this pathway are currently eligible to apply for the 2021 Resident Visa once in the country.

More details, a guide explaining the process, and the nomination application process itself can be found at


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Steve Holdoway 18 February 2022, 12:35 pm

Hmm... I'd say there's a fair proportion of the IT sphere that is remote now, which lessens the need for this. I'd say this includes all of the specialisations mentioned in this article.

Personally I've worked the last 5 or so years for a French company, so not only happily working from my home office, but also bringing cash into the country!

Ingrid Naidoo 09 March 2022, 7:31 pm

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