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My Vaccine Pass required at all ITP Events

ITP Team. 03 December 2021, 2:00 pm
My Vaccine Pass required at all ITP Events

ITP today announced that My Vaccine Pass will be required at all ITP face-to-face events, to be reviewed by the ITP Executive on a quarterly basis.

While ITP's natural position is one of inclusiveness, this step really is necessary for us to return to in-person events. As well as the health and safety risks to staff and others, the new Covid-19 Protection Framework makes this step necessary.

The decision was made by the ITP National Board on recommendation from ITP's leadership. This is in line with most other organisations who run events, and also with many of the venues we use for events.

We have some detailed guidance going to our branch committees and others early next week.

The ITP office and event spaces also have the same requirement until further notice. However as always, all ITP staff are available for meetings via Zoom if needed, and we will continue to work with ALL our members.


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