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Volunteering abroad from your own home

Paul Brislen, Editor. 02 June 2021, 8:10 am

COVID has meant we've all been somewhat restricted in our travel plans to put it mildly, and while that may be a problem for those of us with itchy feet, for Volunteer Service Abroad it's a real issue.

Enter the e-volunteers - virtual support delivered by Kiwis in New Zealand to remote sites around the world.

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) is looking for a database developer to work remotely as an e-volunteer with a Provincial Council in Vanuatu. This e-volunteering role will "give you the opportunity to provide support to organisations overseas and experience another culture from the comfort of your own home". 

The Tafea Provincial Council in Vanuatu is seeking to improve its information sharing internally as it does not have a database to manage provincial data relating to community resources and other essential data to monitor the progress of its plans. VSA is looking for an e-volunteer who will establish a data management information system that the provincial government never had before, and make it accessible to everyone.

This role would fit someone that has experience in the following:

•             Software and custom database development, including on SQL;

•             Designing and maintaining websites;

•             Training stakeholders, and communicating complex information to non-specialists; and

•             Have exceptional analytical skills

 "E-volunteering will also provide the flexibility to volunteer around the hours that suit you. In addition, you'll be fully supported by VSA for the duration of your journey."

If this sounds like you, you can apply through the VSA website or contact the Volunteer Recruitment Team [email protected]


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