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Lockdown Q&A: Dave Cameron, LearnCoach

Peter Griffin, contributor. 06 April 2020, 10:30 pm

Here at ITP Tech Blog we are asking people in the tech sector about how they are approaching business during the lockdown and the technology they are using to stay productive while working remotely.

Today, we talk to Dave Cameron, founder and CEO, LearnCoach.

What is your organisation?

Online education platform LearnCoach.

How many people does your organisation employ?

17 people

In one sentence please explain what your business/organisation does?

"LearnCoach is a platform for online schooling committed to creating high-quality educational outcomes for all. With 24/7 access to the best online tutorials, LearnCoach is built for students who want to achieve their dream results faster, easier and at a low-cost. Since its launch in 2012, LearnCoach has grown from helping 150 students to more than 100,000 students every year."

Is remote working new to your organisation, or are you old hands?

"We are old hands. When we started, everyone was working remotely. We only actually got an office a year ago, so it is very much going back to the way we were set up originally."

What apps/tech are you using to enable remote working?

We use a lot of Slack for our internal communication and Google Hangouts for our video calls. 

How do you communicate with each other? 

We also use Discord, which is a voice calling app that runs in the background. It was originally built for gaming. So you can talk to anyone and start a conversation, just by saying, for instance, 'Hey Mark...' It is much more like being together. We create virtual rooms, Dave's Office for example.

"If someone wants to talk to me they just click on my room and say, 'Hey Dave' and the audio comes out of my speakers. That's made it really quick and easy when we are collaborating on things which we have to on complex projects."

How do you communicate with your customers?

"We use a thing called Intercom, it combines all of our platforms - email, Facebook, which are our two biggest ones, but also Instagram and direct messaging. It brings all of our comms into one place so we have one big inbox to work through." 

What is the best thing about working remotely?

"It's the fact that people get the time to really focus on the task, they don't get caught up in other people's work so much. You have to sit down and really nail things. As long as the tasks are very clear and the mission and purpose is clear, people have been really productive and focussed."

What is the worst thing about working remotely?

"One of the best things about being together is that when things are hard you commiserate together, when things are great you get excited together. The team camaraderie is diminished when you are at a distance."

What is the one piece of app/tech you recommend?


Do you have any tips to get through the lockdown?

"Have a much greater focus on the team dynamic. Make sure the team is happy, productive, focused, has a sense of purpose. All the things that happen organically when you are together, you need to be much more conscious of. If the team is thriving, that's what is going to carry the company through." 



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