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Diversity of offerings in new tech companies

Sarah Putt, Contributor. 05 November 2019, 8:50 pm

The top revenue earners in the Technology Investment Network (TIN) Report grab the headlines, but there are some fascinating facts and stats throughout the report, not least of which are the ten companies named in the 'TIN Early Stage Companies'.

This list features companies that are "innovating and attracting international attention" and its been a part of the report for the last three years. To show that they are quite good at picking winners, the report's authors have profiled ten companies from the past two years, and noted that one of those companies, AskNicely (a customer feedback software firm), has this year debuted on the TIN200 rankings at 179.

What's interesting about this list is the diversity of offerings (although diversity of gender isn't great with just one CEO and one co-founder named). Here's the list, with a short summary explaining the offering, which is taken from the profiles in the report:

Ambit - a conversation platform of digital chatbots customisable to business needs.

Dotterel Technologies - specialist in drone acoustic technology, their proprietary acoustic shroud technology reduces rotor noise and enhances safety.

Joyous - live HR feedback for employers and employees.

Kami - web-based tool that facilitates two-way editing and annotation of PDF documents.

Montoux - allows insurers to elevate their business performance by helping them understand, monitor, and harness the market dynamics of their business.

Parkable - a collaborative parking reservation system that provides users with the ability to find and book spaces from their smartphone in real-time.

Passable - a global ticketing system and analysis platform that aims to provide a premium customer event experience from the initial point of purchase.

Surgical Design Studio - a developer and manufacturer of regulated medical devices that provide solutions to patients with gastronomical diseases, including bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

TASKA Prosthetics - producer of myoelectric-based prosthetic hand, TASKA. It is externally powered and multi-articulating, providing a sensor and self-controlled mechanism with a maximised range and functionality for practical tasks.

Winely - the world's first precision fermentation technology, in the form of an automated monitoring and real-time visual dashboard to improve winemaking.

There is an interesting mix of offerings and sectors among the companies in this list, and its proof that there is some fantastic innovation taking place in Aotearoa. It will be interesting to see the progress of these companies - will they stay the distance, list on the NZX and/or the ASX, be gobbled up by an international competitor, or fade away?

You can read more about these and other companies featured in the TIN Report here.


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