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Techweek 19 - 500 events over seven days

Graeme Muller, Guest Post. 15 May 2019, 7:00 am
Techweek 19 - 500 events over seven days

Techweek19 is almost here and we're excited about what we think is the most diverse and valuable programme yet. I hope that as an IT professional you already know about Techweek and have checked out the programme to work out what you're planning to get to. If not, head to and have a browse - you can filter by location, date and sector - if you want to check out all 'internet of things' events, then we are ready for you.

Techweek got started as Tech Innovation Week in 2012, becoming TechweekAKL in 2016. Now were are about to get underway with the third year of a nationwide festival with over 500 events across seven days, starting on Monday 20 May. Techweek is now firmly positioned of New Zealand's annual festival of innovation - amplifying ideas that are good for the world.

Techweek and the tech and innovation ecosystems in New Zealand are more about people than they are about gadgets - passionate, innovative people who are using the latest technologies to make the world a better place for the next generation.

As we all know, New Zealand's tech sector has been growing rapidly. Employing over 100,000 Kiwis, generating 8% of GDP and now the third largest exporter. But it's not just about the tech sector because technology is being soaked up across the economy, across all sectors. You only have to look at the membership of NZTech and the Tech Alliance to see how important being hi-tech is for New Zealand. We are supported and work with most banks, universities, agri-businesses, with airlines, construction firms, government agencies.

Even SMEs and hundreds of startups from many sectors have got in behind helping New Zealand be more prosperous underpinned by technology.

As well as highlighting 'innovation that's good for the world', Techweek is about fostering connection and cross-pollination, and we're really excited by the collective experience and wisdom that'll be shared at events of all sizes across the week.

I'm really pleased that there are events focused on getting more students into the tech sector and highlighting underrepresented communities. There are many events that focus on a particular area of tech and innovation, for those already immersed in the engine room of tech. There are also upskilling events like 'Tech & Tea' that focus on helping seniors get up to speed with voice activated technology, and a 'how to' session for planning a journey on Google Maps - you know this stuff, but you might want to do what I did, and mention a session or two to family members who could use a little tech support.

If you're in the wrong part of the country for the event you most want to see, we're excited to see a major boost to Techweek TV, thanks to our strategic partner Callaghan Innovation. TechweekTV will be streamed live daily and hosted by brilliant tech communicators Sian Simpson and Jake Millar. 

With over 50 free live webcasts from Monday to Friday, the programme has been expanded to cover a diverse range of topics, from how Aotearoa's culture of kaitiaki (guardianship) sets Kiwi startups apart, to the role technology is playing throughout the health sector. The schedule begins with a stream of the  Techweek launch and wraps up with Rocket Lab's Peter Beck  discussing what it takes to become the global leader in small satellite launches.

If you can't leave your desk during the work day, Techweek TV is a great way for you to hear from leading innovators across a whole range of topics, and you can even get involved by emailing through questions to be asked live to air.

Graeme Muller is the CEO of NZTech and Techweek.


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