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Update from ITPNZ

Paul Matthews. 29 March 2019, 2:28 pm
Update from ITPNZ

Here's a quick weekly update from ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

The long-awaited Digital Skills Hui happened in Wellington this week, with 300 people with a very strong interest in digital skills coming together to brainstorm and workshop solutions to some of the digital skills challenges. And next week the ITP national roadshow kicks off!

Digital Skills Hui

Wednesday was the Digital Skills Hui, put together by the Digital Skills Forum of which ITP is a founding member. The Forum is a collaboration between industry and Government, with all the key skills-related agencies (including MBIE, Education, DIA, Tertiary Education Commission, etc) represented alongside the 3 main tech industry bodies.

As well as lots of talks and presentations, the Hui hosted 3 main workshops with all participants taking part in all 3 over the day. These were focused on:

  • Easing the transition from education to employment
  • Increasing diversity in the industry
  • Dealing with the future of work

I was seriously impressed with the calibre of all 300 attendees - so many great ideas, thoughts, concepts, solutions and questions. All have been collected up and the next job for the Forum is to categorise and group them and incorporate them into the work programme.

A big takehome for me was Internships. We have some amazing programmes already in the space (such as Summer of Tech) but we need to secure decent funding so the entire cost isn't borne by those taking in interns and giving them (paid) work experience. ITP and NZTech are working together to figure out what solutions in this space might look like.

At the end of the Hui I spoke about the need to create more opportunities for the 300 in the room (and in fact the thousands of ITP members) to participate in the thinking going into these areas going forward. ITP itself often canvasses members (either generally, or identified experts) but we're looking at how we can structure this better.

I also talked about the many existing programmes to address many of the challenges identified already. For example, on the Education front is TechHub, Tahi Rua Toru Tech, CodeClub, OMGTech, etc etc. All are crying out for industry participation and funding - if everyone in the room looked at the existing programmes and dragged 3 colleagues along as well, things would accelerate greatly. 

And the same thing applies to readers here.

We're currently working on an initiative with CodeClub, ShadowTech, Brightsparks and others to look at how we can cross-promote the different school-focused initiatives (alongside 123Tech and TechHub) to make it way easier for schools to understand and sign up, and industry folks to choose a programme or two and get involved.

But in the meantime, why not choose an initiative and get involved yourself, if you haven't already. The two main school-based programmes ITP runs are 123Tech (we need mentors to support teams now!) and TechHub Talks (we need professionals to talk in schools). Sign up online.


National Roadshow starts next week

ITP National President Mike Dennehy and I are heading around the country over the next two weeks to talk about what the organisation has been up to over the last year, ITP's strategy over the next 3-5 years and the fairly extensive work programme for 2019.

Mike and I will talk about the strategic plan for the next 3-5 years, plus many of the initiatives that will ensure ITP meets its vision of being the authoritative voice of the IT profession that leads professional development and good practice in IT.

We'll also talk about the new free advisory and skills planning service offered by ITP to Corporate Partners and other upcoming initiatives in this space, so come along if you want to hear more. We'll be joined by ITP's new Director of Digital Capability Daniel Merriott for some sessions.

This is your chance to hear what we've been up to, provide your feedback on ITP's strategic plan and ask about anything to do with ITP or our profession.

Head along in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga next week and Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson or Palmerston north the following week. It's free - register here


Consultation on Polytechnic changes

We've been working in detail on a submission in relation to the changes being proposed for the Institute of Technology and Polytechnic sector, including the proposed new "Industry Skills Bodies" also being proposed.

What's being proposed is a massive change and while much of it is needed, our focus is on ensuring that the changes land in a manner that's good for our industry and good for the tertiary sector.

As well as our own submission and a number of conversations within the industry and with government agencies looking at this reform, we've been working with and contributing to group submissions such as through the Engineering Leadership Forum.

We will share our own submission next week.

For those looking to make an individual or organisational submission, be aware that the submission period has been extended to Friday 5 April due to the recent events in Christchurch. More details about making a submission here.


ITP Liability Insurance

If you're contracting or own your own business, you need liability insurance. As well as being a requirement for most contracts, liability insurance gives you a level of peace-of-mind if things go wrong.

ITP offers a brokered insurance scheme for ITP members. By negotiating on behalf of thousands of members, the ITP scheme offers an extremely cost effective option for Professional, Statutory and Public Liability insurance.

Find out more and apply here.


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