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IFIP call for papers for its 2nd annual IoT confernce

ITP Staff. 01 March 2019, 6:00 am
Interest in the Internet of Things (Iot) is heating up and so IFIP is pleased to announce its second annual conference and is asking for papers addressing a number of key issues.

IFIP (the International Federation for Information Processing) is holding the conference in Tampa, Florida at the end of October.

Liz Eastwood, who service on IFIP, says the call for papers includes New Zealand and  ITP members receive a 10% discount on all events that are run by, or supported by, IFIP.

While early IoT developments focused on the lower level aspects such as interfacing, communication protocols and standards, base platforms, energy efficiency and energy harvesting, smart devices and smart sensors and the like, the IFIP conference would like to address a wider range of issues.

Organisational structures, collaborative cyber-physical ecosystems, end-user development, self-organizing systems, distributed decision making, collective adaptive and cognitive systems, behavioural models, systems resilience and how to handle big data, among many others.

The main topics of interest (non-exhaustive list) are:

• Education, training, awareness

• End-user development

• Usability and accessibility

• Context-dependent applications

• Environmental issues

• Organizational and collaborative structures

• Risks, privacy, security, and resilience issues

• Impact on persons and society

• Novel applications and business models

• Professionalism/duty of care

• Technical issues and challenges

• IoT networks

• IoT architectures

• IoT devices

• IoT Low Power Design

• IoT Standards

• CAD for IoT

• Internet of Everything, People, Health, …

• Legal issues (incl. liability)

• Ethical issues

For any questions, please contact [email protected]



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