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Update from ITPNZ

Paul Matthews. 14 December 2018, 5:08 pm
Update from ITPNZ

Here's a quick weekly update from ITP CEO Paul Matthews.

As with you no doubt, we're in wind-down mode now - reviewing the massive year that's been and finishing off the planning process for next year. And boy oh boy, do we have some great things coming in the new year.

More details in the final Newsline next week, but a bit of a taster in a couple of areas below. And for those that don't want to sit through the full 1-hour 123Tech Finals video, there's a 3-minute highlights video below :).

What was all the fuss about 123Tech? 

So by now you've probably heard about 123Tech, and that it's a programme we run in schools. But what's it all about?

Here's a short highlights video from the National Finals at the start of the month:

2018 Finals

Check out the 123Tech Facebook page for more videos and information.


New approach for CITPNZ and CTech next year 

Following an internal review of communication around our Chartered IT Professional and Certified Technologist certifications, early in the new year we're rolling out some big changes in how we communicate with both our members and the public about certification.

Chartered IT Professional NZ (CITPNZ) is, or should be, the benchmark for senior IT Professionals. It's not a technical certification, but a full independent verification that a senior professional knows their stuff, keeps themselves up to date, is bound by a Code of Ethics and is capable of great results for their clients or employers.

That last point is important - it's not just about who can pass a test, but who can deliver results and can show a genuine track record of doing just that.

As well as a full revamp and rewrite of the Certification details on our website, we're kicking off an awareness and PR campaign in early 2019.

As a bit of a taster, here's an ad that's being displayed on screens all around Auckland Airport over the Christmas and New Year period, the busiest time of year for domestic travel:

CITPNZ 2322_Banners_1920x1080_FA3.jpg

This really is the perfect time to consider becoming Chartered or Certified.


Develop your team's skills

As mentioned in an earlier Newsline, we're also kicking off a new service for ITP Corporate Partners next year, where a senior SFIA consultant will come and work with you and your team directly to develop a professional development system and plan for your organisation.

Part of the plan will be helping your team assess and benchmark their current skills and capability and help develop individual professional development pathways, while also helping align the overall team's capability with the company's overall strategy.

Best thing, it's going to be a free service for ITP Partners.

Through our new arm Partner Consulting, we can then also provide a highly experienced team to implement the plan - providing an end-to-end solution for companies who want to get serious about the development of their staff. And there's also an opportunity for other consultants who operate in the space to get involved and deliver solutions through Partner - it's even in the name!

More details next year, but as with the project above, we're putting out tasters for this now - you'll see this ad popping up all over the place:



ITP Christmas hours

The ITP office is closing at lunchtime next Thursday, 20th December 2018 and reopening on Monday 7th January.

Have a truly awesome Christmas break! Our last Newsline will be midweek next week.


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