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New Macbook line-up

Paul Brislen, Editor. 17 July 2018, 6:20 am

Apple has unveiled a new line-up of MacBooks that the company says aren't related to solving problems with its revolutionary "butterfly" keyboard design, but early reviews suggest otherwise.

Problems with the new keyboards, designed to allow the laptops to be built ever thinner, appeared very quickly with users complaining of sticky keys and new laptops failing far earlier than expected.

Apple says the new line up, a refresh on the two year old product set, isn't about fixing the problem, but it has included a rubberised "skirt" between the keys and underlying mechanism, presumably to catch any dust or other debris before it gets caught up.

Apple describes the new third-generation keyboards as its quietest yet. Users in New Zealand will be able to find out for themselves shortly - the new devices are on sale at Apple's website, ranging in price from $1300 to around $2800.

Meanwhile, PC sales in general have grown slightly for the first time in almost six years.

Gartner says global sales totalled just over 62 million in the second quarter of 2018, up 1.4% year on year.That's the first quarter of year-over-year global PC shipment growth since 2012.


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