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GDPR: fun for all the family

Paul Brislen, Editor. 30 May 2018, 7:23 am

As the EU's new privacy law rolls out fully for the first time, it is amusing to watch the various companies around the world flail around making outrageous claims as they try to both update their systems and inform their users of their shiny new privacy policies.

For some companies, especially US-based corporations that appear to employ more lawyers than is good for them, the end result is somewhat surprising - a faster browsing experience for EU-based users who are "forced" to endure looking at their favourite US-based websites without the added benefit of tracking pixels and all the other shenanigans that modern day marketing teams deploy.

For others, it's the lack of awareness of the BCC field and its irony-collision avoid capability, especially when you send an email extolling the virtues of your privacy policy and fail to hide everyone's email addresses.

But the upshot for many is a barrage of emails demanding users re-confirm their willingness to be involved in marketing efforts and, I would hope, an opportunity for users to opt out of the less useful emails they receive.

Locally, the impact has yet to really be felt as, presumably, New Zealand companies are more adept at working out whether clients are actually EU citizens and are based in the EU, IP addressing notwithstanding. That our privacy laws are already aligned with the EU approach speaks well of both our process and the new EU law and should bolster calls for a "more of the same but better" approach to the new Privacy Bill being introduced here.

The next era of privacy management appears to be dawning.


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