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TCF works to block scam calls

Paul Brislen, Editor. 24 April 2018, 8:50 am

The Telecommunications Forum (TCF) has introduced a new Scam Calling Prevention Code to better solidify the way telcos handle scammers on behalf of their customers.

"The Scam Calling Prevention Code drafted by the TCF reinforces and standardises the processes already in place, to help the industry react more quickly to any incidence of fraud reported by the public, and block calls from numbers used by scammers.  The draft code also provides for sharing information with third parties where it is appropriate," says TCF CEO Geoff Thorn, in a statement.

The code is designed to help the telcos identify and block those pernicious incoming scam calls that target New Zealand customers.

Recently mobile users in New Zealand have been plagued by a series of calls seemingly originating in the UK (although Canada and Madagascar have also been used as country of origin identifiers). Friendly and helpful New Zealand phone users who call back find they're connected to a premium service that charges them by the minute and can incur costs.

Because each call originates from a new number (although in reality it's all IP-based calling) there's no way for the end user to block the calls.

The code will detail the process for identify and blocking international scammers and produce a way for the telcos to share information to prevent widespread abuse of the phone system.

The draft is now open for public consultation, and the TCF wants to put in place a formal process and the closing date for submissions is 21 May.


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